Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Farm Help

Here she is, her steely eye fixed on this: 

I threw some wild bird seed in there for variety. 

She helped inside, too... in fact, for a long time.  
Abby's on Day Five of her diet... she is getting carrots and greenbeans cooked with a little bacon for flavoring, for filler at mid-day.  Yes, she's hungry, and barking to let me know it... but we are going to get the weight off her! 

She now goes out three or four times a day, even just to walk around the yard for excercise.  

April thinks she's doing a good job, too! 


  1. Way to go, Abby! You can do it! Our veterinarian always told us to give green beans as a treat instead of treats. I know you keep Mom company while she's doing chores outside.

    Mary Ann, I wonder if she's really thinking how good a chicken dinner would taste? She is a doll!

  2. She's a cutie! Looks like she's taking her job pretty seriously! :)

  3. Help like that can't get much better! The exercise will be good for helping the weight loss along too.

  4. She's a pretty cute farm helper :)

    Glad to know that she's getting healthier, and getting outside for fresh air and exercise :)

  5. Such a cutie. I am with you on the weight loss pain. My piggy is on a diet and it is soooo hard. Good thing he likes veggies too. Now if we could just get rid of this snow and get some exercise.

  6. She does have that sad pug look going on. What about boiled chicken or lean ground turkey.

  7. MOm gives me frozen green beans also, and if she forgets frozen she always rinses the can cos of the salt....she uses sodium free chicken broth to help out instead of bacon BUT DAD often sneaks bacon to us!!
    stella rose

  8. My girl can sympathize. She's such an easy keeper & wishes she wasn't. She really loves her food! Abby is an adorable, little helper.

  9. Best kind of farm help around!! It's so hard with the little ones, they love food and they gain easily. Kind of like me LOL. So far my Chi's have been far worse than the Pug, but he's young still and very very active... but even with the Chi's Norman is 6 and quite active even with a bad heart, but he still gains and it's hard for him to loose it, and he doesn't eat a lot, gets low cal food and treats, and still!


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