Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Wet Tuesday (Thank Heavens)

Not much going on around here today except rain... 

It was a drippy, drippy day... with up to three inches of snow predicted for tonight... 

thank HEAVENS....

Though there was some jockeying for position going on in the big henhouse. 

That's it for today from the cold, clammy, Calamity Acres, where 75 degrees in a far-off memory of yesterday! 


  1. Glad you're getting rain, and snow! Send the snow our way, please!

  2. Glad you got rain. I knew the storm was headed this way. It just started raining about 9:30 pm. Bad thunderstorms. But it was 75 degrees here.

  3. We got a round of bad storms last night.

  4. At least the hens are warm and dry. Nests are for sharing : )

  5. It's raining here this morning. We are starting off the day at 54 degrees but by tonight it'll be down to 25 degrees they say. I'm glad you are getting the needed rain there. Take care and stay warm and dry.

  6. Yep it was cold and rainy here yesterday also, we didn't even get to go out in the swampy yard and run around, so we made mom and dad pay for that by zooming around the house crazy all night long!!!
    stella rose and maggie


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