Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Roundup

I took this at 6:10 this evening: 

This is what cracks Keith and me up...I can work around this guy now without him going anywhere.  He was sitting atop a pole, looking for mice, etc... and he looked at me once, saw whom it was... then I went about pulling the game camera and fixing the card that I had accidentally locked when I inserted it.  I got the legend "Locked"... thought it might be the SD card, and came inside to look up the specs and double-check.  When I went back out, it was truly dark, so I had to take a flashlight.  The owl glanced at me... as I came through the gate from the yard, and then turned back to the east, and didn't look at me again.  I was able to take a couple of pictures of him without bothering him, so did.  I think he is a barn owl of some kind, and not a great horned, because his head is round, with no tufts of hair.  He is brown and tan, or brown and white, with black bands on his tail.

Added at 7:09 PM: 

Barred Owl - Photo by Bob Gress
Photo by Bob Gress
Barred OwlStrix varia
Length: 19 - 20 inches
Wingspread: 42 - 44 inches
Weight: 14 - 18 ounces
  • Comments: Barred owls are found in deep deciduous woodlands, commonly along river valleys. Their distinctive “who cooks for you, who cooks for you all” call is heard more often than the birds are seen. When several birds are vocal, they can provide an entertaining chorus of calls accompanied by cackling and barking. The barred owl, along with the barn owl, are the only dark-eyed owls found in Kansas. They normally nest in tree cavities but will sometimes use large stick nests built in previous years by hawks or crows.
  • Distribution: In Kansas, barred owls are found throughout the year and occur primarily in the eastern third of the state. They are found erratically further west.
  • Food: The bulk of this owl’s diet consists of rats and mice but it will also eat a wide variety of other animals, including birds, fish, insects, snakes, turtles and crayfish.
Thank you, website... Owls of Kansas! 

I took this picture for Keith this afternoon, between the two henhouses, we got 20 eggs again. 

As you see, the girls are using two rows of the henspa nestbox.  I am going to put fresh straw in them tomorrow.  I stood off to take this... but they love the lower boxes with the deep insets.  I am going to try putting curtains on the upper row, to see if some of the little girls will use it. 

Herd Dog on Duty 

The moon is beautiful through the branches of the walnut tree. 

Lilly and the Owl are keeping the mouse population here under control. 

If you did not have a chance to read "The Cranky Puppy"  yesterday, 
please go read their blogpost about the new neighbors, there is lots of good information in it.  They have just restored a beautiful old Victorian house across the street from theirs... and it has been sold to the most interesting new owners who have a very neat blog of their own.  (I guess that word "neat" dates me, huh?) 

I'm following their new neighbor now. 

Also... I want to publicly thank Ramsey's mom Kris from "The Dancing Donkey" , who was kind enough to take time out of what are incredibly busy days for her during Ramsey's rehab, to answer questions of mine about donkey care, in case some donkeys come to live here this spring. 

I've been pinning on Pinterest this afternoon, as I am getting ready to paint our living room and kitchen, and having so much fun looking at what people have done with their interiors.  I like almost everything that Brenda from "Cozy Little House"  has ever pinned, I admit it.  And I also think I may have found the perfect color, that will coordinate great with the carpet I have picked out.  More on that later! 

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  1. You are so lucky to see this owl up close and personal! We only hear ours and they seem to say Who, Who, Who--Who, Who. Or is that even an owl? We know we have owls because of the baby we found last summer.

    Love that little herd dog, and Lilly is doing her job too. I'll be sure to visit the blogs you told us about. Donkey? Oh, I've always wanted one of them too.

  2. What a great shot of the Owl, Mary, wonderful.....The dogs are doing a good job......Will pop in to visit the other blogs, Francine.

  3. Maybe it's just waiting for the evening that a hen gets out before roosting time and doesn't quite make it back.

  4. Love the owl pics! They have a educational birds of prey class here & you get to see the Barr owl fly around, eat, & study the audience. So neat!

    Also I love the pic of your pug! My mother-n-law loves Pugs and has had many over the years. Hope your night is wonderful~

  5. Great shot of the owl! (Although I think it looks more like a barn owl....)

  6. That owl certainly is focused on what he wants. I can't believe he just sits there with you around taking pictures. How funny that is. It sounds like you are going to have some fun times ahead with your painting. I did that a few years ago and it was exciting. It'll be great to see what you do. I'm going to have to check out those other blogs that you mentioned. Hope your Saturday is a super one!

  7. Thanks for the linky love, Mary Ann! Are you going to one of Christin's herb classes? Let me know, because I'm thinking about it and it would be fun to finally meet in person. You'll love Christine - she is a dynamo on two feet.

    Your newly found feathered friend is really neat. I love owls and think they are absolutely fascinating. Please keep the pictures coming. And I hope you and Keith get a chance to enjoy this gorgeous weather we're having. What a treat!

  8. Beautiful owl. And, I also love the pic of the henspa nesting boxes. So glad you are getting all those eggs!

  9. Mary Ann, that's a wonderful photo of the owl! We love owls, and have a pair of Great Horned here.

  10. Abby sure has the eye on them. Those Mickey's don't stand a chance with Lilly and the Owl.


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