Thursday, January 17, 2013




Alica asked last night how many birds we have.  We have 14 roosters on the old henhouse side, of them, 7 are last year's hatch, and 2 are two years old.  1 is four, and the others are five.  TOO MANY. 
On that side are 7 girls from last year's hatch... and four older hens who lay once in a while, meaning I may get two eggs a week from them.  The others, about six small birds and about four standards, are no longer laying.  

On the new henspa side are four roosters, only ONE of whom I intended to be there. 
There are 28 hens, large and small, meaning standard and bantam.  Of these, most are laying, but some only lay twice a week, as they are older.  All in all, I am getting from 16 to 24 eggs a day from both henhouses in the middle of winter.  

This week we have used about 7 eggs for our own use, and I broke a few.  
Today I found several eggs soaked with yolk, so I think one broke in the nest.  I have extra calcium grit in the henspa, as they have their yard, but no pasture to roam in for grit.  I have been taking anywhere from 7 to 9 dozen eggs a week to our food pantry, and they need every one! 
And actually... we are probably going to have to get a small college-sized refrigerator, and use it for egg storage, as I am taking up so much space in the kitchen fridge! 

I hope to replace the non-layers with between 8-10 new pullets in the spring.  


  1. I bet the food pantry not only needs every one, they appreciate every one too! That's a great way to use up eggs after you use what you can.

  2. I did wonder what you did with all those eggs. How nice you can put them to go use at the food pantry. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

  3. When ours were laying we put the crushed egg shells back in their pen for them. They ate them.

  4. thank you for your card yesterday...we loved the pug on the front!! Have a great weekend! I think about you guys each day.
    stella rose and mom

  5. Wow, that's a lotta birds AND a lotta eggs! Good for you guys for taking them to the food pantry. I'll bet they are appreciated very, very much! :)


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