Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Date Night

Because I'm retired, I don't get out a whole lot anymore, and we have infrequent date nights.  Over the weekend, Keith asked me to go to dinner at the golf club he has joined and we picked tonight, which is buffet night.  

So, Keith took a picture of me as I was getting ready to go out and get the eggs and try to coerce everyone into coming in early, as we had to drive to Lawrence 

I was going to fix this picture up so you couldn't see the mess, but frankly, that's what our kitchen is like in winter.  I DID put some of the Homer buckets outside today, because it got up to 50 degrees, and I figure the water won't freeze tonight. 

You see why I have those boots on?  Slick muck. 

These little guys were smart, and were far above the muck of the little henyard. 

I showered and changed, and threw the boots back on to run out and set up the video cam for the pasture.  Pretty stylish, huh? 

The sky was beautiful on our way to Lawrence, and we enjoyed our prime rib buffet so very much. 
You know I have been researching new menus for us since I retired, and Keith told me yesterday how much he appreciates all the good meals we have been having... but gosh, it sure was nice to go out and eat this evening, and we enjoyed chocolate cheesecake and apple pie for dessert!  YUM.  

More videos tomorrow, we hope... if we did the camera right tonight.  Mr. Opossum was there when we pulled down the drive, but we'll have to check the camera in the morning to see what else has come around. 


  1. Aren't those game cams so much fun?

    Great capture.

  2. Well, I love your honesty, and I know that living on a farm ..any farm.. means mud in the winter. I am about to put on my Muck Boots to go feed the horses!

    Glad you got a nite out!

    Jan @ Jans Place

  3. I think you're cute as a button! And winter means a mess here too and we only have dogs and a cat, but also a husband and sons/work crew who traipse in and out in construction boots, and winter gear has to be handy to the back door because who wants to go hunt it up? I have to admit, you really do have some mud there in Kansas! I'm so glad you didn't have to cook tonight and enjoyed a meal out!

  4. Glad you got out and had a good time!

  5. Muck boots, from the boardroom to the ballroom, to the bedroom, they're what to wear! Very stylin.

  6. It's nice to be treated to dinner out now and then. For the most part I always eat at home. The nicest part for me is no clean up and dishes to do.

  7. you should see how I look when I'm at home

    our yard is a mud hole right now

    raining again since last night, suppose to get some really bad weather later on today

  8. Love the photos - reminds me that we, as the photographers, don't get in front of the camera nearly enough. :)

  9. Hi Mary Ann, just checking in again to see if you had posted today. I hope date night wasn't too much for you!
    Thinking of you and the animals there at Calamity Acres!

  10. I love all your "outfits", especially the one w/you dressed up w/muck boots on! Looks like me just about every weekend we are in the Country! Glad you guys had a date night, everyone deserves at least 1 a year!

  11. Funny Mary Ann! Always have to ready to tend the animals!! Glad you had a fun evening out!! Since retiring I've been so content also to hang around the homestead too!!


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