Thursday, January 31, 2013

Soup and Cornbread

That's the kind of day it was, a soup and cornbread kind of day!  Predicted to be the coldest day of the year, and I only got 13 eggs from both sides, so the girls thought so, too. 

Some of you asked last night (J and S from Cranky Puppy) about the components we were ordering for our greenhouse.  We placed the order today, and I think I called the sheets we are using "Polypropylene".  Rigghtttt.  Here is what they are: 


Optimum Protection For Your Plants
Sunlight is necessary for plant growth, but too much direct exposure can damage, even burn plants. ThermaGlas SolarSoft polycarbonate covering allows the most nourishing light to shine through to your plants while keeping potentially harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays at bay. SolarSoft covering is optimized for 80% PAR light transmission (light used in the photosynthetic process) and 95% light diffusion (which means sunlight is scattered and distributed evenly among plants). Its impact resistant and virtually unbreakable design is made to stand the tests of weather and time.


  • Superb thermal insulation saves energy
  • Light weight
  • Low flammability (available with CC1 rating)
  • Easy to install using ordinary tools
  • Capable of cold-forming to an arch
  • Wide service temperature range
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Diffused, softer light
  • Less shadows cast by structural members and/or curtain systems
  • Deeper penetration of light into the plant canopy
  • 100% UV protection

The greenhouse is going to be 10 feet x 16 feet, and will be placed next to the henspa, so we can use the electricity and the water that are run there.  There will be some shading in the afternoon from the shadow cast by the henspa, but we know from the heat in the hoophouse last year that this will actually help us.  We are also going to buy shadecloth from the Shadecloth Store, where we got our covering for the henspa yard, if we need it. 

We are buying the components from 
The Greenhouse Megastore which you can find HERE.

We are going to buy some other things from them when we have everthing set up, but to give you a "for instance"... we did order the aluminum corners, end caps, ridges, and the hobby ventilation package. 
Keith will put a door on it himself. 

We will also do certain parts of the framing ourselves... and let's face it, I'll be holding things and handing things... I'm no builder.  
We are going to tie it all down with mobile home ties instead of sinking piers, but set the ties in concrete. 

We're also going to put a base inside of landscape fabric, landscape papers, and then gravel... 70 bags of it... so we don't have any weeds coming up inside like we did the hoop house. 

In anticipation of this, I've been ordering seeds... so far, I've gotten my seeds from Baker Creek, from Thompson and Morgan, and in the next few days, from Burpee.  
I'm stopping there for a while. 

Here's our big boy out in the yard today... he was getting along pretty well.  It's down to 18 right now, and will be going down to zero tonight.  I have already emptied all the waterers except the one in the henspa that is on the heater base.  

One of my biggest goals is to have the old henhouse rewired this year, so that all outlets can be used next winter, and we can put two heated waterers in there if we need to, one on the feed room side, and one in the coop side.  We were able to do this before, but the wiring is almost gone, and only one outlet works reliably.  We would like to strip all the drywall out from in there.  

And speaking of the big henhouse, I have a bird showing signs of  upper respiratory problems today... or rather, for the past three days.  She was alone on the feed room side when I went in to dump the waterers... and I went back and got some VetRX to dose her with... she was pretty indignant.  My feeling is that the low temp tonight will get anyone who is not in good shape... it's when we have historically lost weak birds. 

Abby was ready to get back in but I will give her credit... she came outside three times and ran around in the bright sunlight .... and, as you see, we have plenty of buckets for water-carrying. 

I saw a red-winged blackbird today at the flat feeder, so I KNOW spring is coming! 


  1. Isn't it fun to see that first sign that spring isn't too far off?! Hope your chicken makes it through the cold night, and can recover!

  2. Soup and cornbread does sound yummy!

    Spring will be here before we know it!!

    Saturday is fine for the cards.

    M :)

  3. We also had a soup and cornbread kind of day; but alas -- no soup or cornbread! Tuesday we were 70* and now we are very cold and windy again.

    Having hens would be fun; we'll be getting baby chickens again next Tuesday. When -- that's the key word here -- we retire from growing chickens, I hope to have some hens.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my girls.

  4. Hey there MA! I hope spring isn't too far off but I wonder...I've had red wings at my feeder and robins bathing in my bubble fountain all winter. I now have no reliable indicator of Spring. The other day I was trimming the honeysuckle down and ran across two blossoms! My pussy willow has the fuzzies...the squirrels eat them but they are there. I won't be surprised if the tulips start to peek up.

  5. You saw a red winged black bird already? OMG. That's wild. They show up here in like... April. I wish you luck with your hen. Soup and cornbread is the best!

  6. I'll save this greenhouse info for my husband in case he ever does get around to building one. Sounds like you both are approaching this very professionally. I hope everyone is all right there tonight in the cold. Y'all cuddle up!

  7. Gosh- how can Abby stand that cold weather! Big Boy we know can stand it- but Abby!

  8. I had heard that red wing black birds are a sign of spring. But for the most part, I look for the robins here. Haven't seen one yet. We are at 13 degrees this morning. I hope all the hens make it through the cold spell.

  9. that sounds so good, could you come and cook it for us, it would be nice to sit at the kitchen table and visit wouldn't it!
    stella rose and mom

  10. I'm glad to see Ranger doing well.

    Good going Abby.


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