Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Difference in Henhouses Addendum

The differences in the old henhouses and the new is dramatic.  I swear to you that the hens in the new henspa are happier, though I can't put my finger on why.  Maybe it's the fact that they have light, air, and clean surroundings???

Hmmmm there's a ghost in that picture

Rooster Moe and Bitsy, one of the Naughty Girls who are almost two years old now! 
They are getting whiter with age. 

This is Folly, who has just come into lay.  The flash made the box look bright, but it is actually very dark.  The hens love the lower level of boxes that Keith built, they love the privacy.  She was on five eggs. (before I took them!) 

Someone checked to see if I needed help.  You know we still have to clean the front room out... it has been too cold to carry things back and forth. 

Contrast it with the old big henhouse...this is the feed room I had cleaned out a month ago.  Now there are hens who hang out in there daily with Butch.  I keep food and water down for them.  The orange wire is the jerry-rigged line going over to the little henhouse, to run the light.  We have GOT to get the whole henhouse re-wired this year, and the nasty drywall down and out.  

There are my only two Old English Gamebirds left, the rooster Speedy, and little Suzy, who was about to go up to the rafters to roost.  I ran about 20 starlings out of there today, and they emptied the outside waterers twice again. 
The streaks you see all over everything are from past starling depredations.  But.... they need to eat too. 

I keep food up on the top of the closet so the little ones can eat if it's too cold for them to go out. 

I have been looking at chicken and hatchery websites... I want to get about 10 more layers... and I'd like to try something different, like brown leghorns.  Has anyone reading this ever ordered from MyPetChicken.com?  Supposedly you can order smaller numbers from them.  I'm a little hesitant to do it, but I am close to the Post Office and can get there immediately when they come in.  Keith is going to build a brooder for me... and it's time to start thinking about it. 

I have a plan for this evening... I'm going to go out in a few minutes and try to put the game cam on top of one of the posts in the big henyard, to try to catch the owl coming and going.  
If I can get video, I'll share it with you tomorrow! 

I took this picture at 5:30 tonight, I happened to peek out to see if Lilly wanted to come in... and look who was sitting on the fence by the gate to the henyards.  He really likes the mice there, I think. 

I finally figured out how to take a picture at NIGHT :-). 
Isn't he gorgeous? 


  1. I love seeing pictures of your different chickens. Those game birds are handsome. I just showed my husband these pictures and he started telling me about the rooster Hank they had when he was a child. He had big spurs and R.H. remembers being so scared to go in and try to collect the eggs from their hens. I bet yours are much nicer!

  2. Great captures of the girls ... love the peekin' pooch! Love that night owl ... you are a wonderful photographer. TY Yes I am very fortunate. Hope your cancer remains gone.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Love all the pictures, especially the last one of the owl. I have always been fascinated by them. Such majestic & cruel creatures that are so needed.

  4. He IS gorgeous! I think he must like you! :)

  5. Great photo of the owl!

    I've heard the brown leghorns are very skittish and wild; don't know if you'd mind that. Me, I like my hens on the calm side.

    Off to ride my handsome horse before dark!

  6. The owl is beautiful for sure Mary Ann! I love seeing how your hens live. It certainly looks like some happy girls to me!!!

  7. I didn't realize that chickens would roost that high off of the ground in the chicken house!! Everyone looks healthy and happy!!

  8. Great pictures... and if I was a bird, I'd be happier in the new henspa too! It's luxurious! l

  9. He is beautiful, and if I was a hen- I would be happy too.

  10. Nice you captured the owl on the fence. I can never get good night pictures. It looks like your hens like their house for sure. They must keep you busy.

  11. So nice to have a more organized and safer place for them.

    You sure Lilly was just checking to see if you needed help or was she lookin' for a chicken dinner!

  12. My daughter would like to get a few chickens n the spring to grow her own eggs..lol...but i told her just from reading your post that it is alot of work, and she homeschools 4 kids so.....
    stella rose and mom


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