Tuesday, January 4, 2022

What the Heck? Another New Post!

Second post of the year and it is only the fourth! 

Man, does this tell you how the days have been going?  I have already done chores but will go back out in a few minutes to move some chickens around.  When the cold is bitter, I do not let them out at all.... today they can be out with the frozen sleet/snow on the ground.  It is being stubborn and only slowly melting, and unfortunately, we go back into the freezer tomorrow for two days. 

I have a good friend in Canada (Hi, Leanne) and she tells me it is MINUS 40 Fahrenheit there right now... UGH... she says her three dogs run out, potty, run back in, and that is the extent of it. 

I would be worried sick about all the wild animals. 

Speaking of wild animals, I poured this pile of cat food out of the bowl 
two nights ago, and left it for any animal that happened by in the bitter cold. 
It was still there yesterday morning, and I set the bowl of new food by it (you can just see it). These are in the old garage, where I keep my tractor and gardening things. 

This morning, it was all gone. 

It was these guys, I am sure.  Here they are in the shop, my cement-floored barn... where the 
feral kitties are fed.  They are cleaning up spilled food in there.
There is also a heated basin of water in there for them and the mice... I have three of these basins in different areas.  

My boy Bullseye is outside right now, and cried to go out even in the bitter cold. 
He kills songbirds, though, so it is hard for me to let him out.  This morning I found a vole 
dead on the side of the house, it must have been very hungry to come out in this weather. 
(one of the cats got it) 

I put all of Christmas away by yesterday afternoon... it's a good way to start the new year with a clean house. 

So, over the course of the weekend, we had very bitter cold and a sleet/snow episode.  The ground is still partly covered with this icy mixture, which thawed a little yesterday and then re-froze. 
Please know I am taking extra care when walking ... breaking a leg or hip would be a disaster for me. 

I worried about the feral cats.  In the shop, there are two large cages that are bedded with hay. 
It is clear cats are sleeping in them, but yesterday I found the largest was also full of poop, which I hope to clean out this afternoon and re-bed. 
There is a Kuranda dog bed in there with a blanket.. someone has slept there. 
There is a dog house on blocks in the old garage (the shop and garage are on the original property line, far from the house) and Wanda sleeps in there regularly.  But I had not seen Yeller daily, or Cleo, the beautiful calico. 

For the last three days, I have left a full bowl of cat food on my porch, and last night, I looked out and Yeller was eating.  I opened a can of food for him and took it out, and he ran back up and ate it all. 

So, I relaxed a little.  I had not seen Cleo since Saturday morning, and was worried.  I saw cat foot prints coming through the gate as I worked it loose from the ice... but no cat anywhere. 

I could have relaxed. 

For the very first time, when I sat down to review the cam from the shop... there she was. 


Now that I know she is aware of how to get into the shop, I will rest easy. 

She clearly knows how to come in through the hole in the wall.

Oh, Hi!

But this also relieved me... it's Diamond Lil, whom I call Lil, eating yesterday.  I had not seen her for four days, she is very secretive... I was glad she had made it through the bitter cold.

There goes Yeller across the deck yesterday, and there he is in the shop eating on the first, so I can relax about him, too.  I had not seen him in the shop since Diamond Lil (Lil) and Coal (Coco) were put in there.  

Here are my two buddies, Wanda (Wawa) and Coal (Coco) eating on the first. 
These two girls greet me when I go out to do chores, and run alongside me after running to me. 
As of this morning, Coco has let me stroke her back twice as she eats.  Wawa wants to be 
my buddy so badly, she will run to me and roll on her back, batting her paws... but she is still just a little too scared of human interaction.  

Coco and Lil came from a large feral colony on the Missouri side of our state lines... and were truly, truly feral.  For Coco to let me touch her was a big deal. 

These girls are also frequently in the hen houses hunting mice when I go to close up at night. 
Wanda did not look great the morning of the coldest night... but she soon warmed up.  I am 
too afraid to put an electric heater in the shop without a human being in there. 
I did have a heated cat house ... but no one ever went into it, it was pristine and I finally unplugged it two days ago.  I believe, because it had a flap on the front, they were too afraid to try it.  The two 
cages full of straw have been helping them with the cold. 

The sheep barn also has a deep bed of straw in it, but no one appears to be using it. 
I have seen NO raccoons on camera since the end of last week. 

Right now it is 40 degrees... I am going to go work on that cage (re-bedding it) and 
move some chickens.  The little silkies who go out to a pen every day cannot use their pen right now, it is full of snow-sleet.  I am putting them in the "feed room" side of the big hen house where they can move around more than their brooder pen they sleep in.  Not ideal, but it works, and they will all have to be in for the next two days. 

Stay warm and safe, friends! 



  1. Hari Om
    Oh, what treat to find another post from you - that too, filled with all the critters under your care! You are an angel to them, MA - though it always amazes me how our anipals always seem to manage somehow. Stay warm my friend. YAM xx

  2. Glad to hear from you; glad you are being very careful. The winter we lived in Minnesota, over 30 years ago, it got down to -45 over two different spells, and never got above 0 degrees the entire month of January. I don't think I could handle that now; it was only down in the 20s between Christmas and New Year's and I got so cold doing chores.

  3. You have taken such excellent care of the ferals and indeed all of the animals you have, and those of God, too. It is very heartwarming to read of it. I am very worried about a pregnant cat I saw recently, run across the end of the street about five houses down. I have water in front but I don't dare put food out right now because we hear the coyotes lately. I think I will start placing some dry food, secretly, under a bush where I saw her. Stay warm. Your tender heart does you credit!

  4. Yes, please be careful in that cold mess Mary Ann. We actually got snow flurries on Monday. Crazy, it was 80 degrees the day before.

    Thankful for your good care of the kitties. Bless you.

  5. Just happened upon your blog. I love the name of your farm! And even more I love how you love and care for the creatures who live on and near your land. May God bless you and keep you all happy and safe throughout the new year. Amy, with Lucy, Xena Chia and Riley

  6. It is cold and getting colder here too, but I have no animals to care for. Be careful in the ice and snow. You certainly don't want to fall. Nice you have that cam recorder to keep track of the cats. It's good to keep an eye out for them. Please keep warm and safe there.

  7. Ever since I "met" you back in 2012 I've been so touched by your continuing care of wildlife as well as your own barnyard critters and your pets. They're lucky to have you. Bullseye is a handsome guy! Yes, please do take every care not to slip and fall. We're having our first real snowfall in several years and I'm enjoying it so much. That is, as long as we don't lose power and have pipes freeze. Stay well!

  8. Wow! You sure have some sweet furry friends there. So kind of you to worry over them and do what you can to help them out.
    Our chickens crack me up.... they hate the snow, and will not walk in snow. They do the funniest little scooter dancing thing to get out of the coop and over to the area that the snow has melted off. I just love those fluffy butt girls :)

    Smiles :)


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