Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas!

My last post was November 15... does that tell you what the last six weeks have been like? 

Oh, for the days when I was REALLY busy and yet, posted every night! 

I hope everyone has had a good December, and is having a peaceful Christmas. 

This is my sixth Christmas without Keith, I just can hardly believe it.  He was Mr. Christmas, he loved it... he loved giving gifts and he loved seeing everyone happy. 

We had our family gathering last Sunday.  Here's my little great granddaughter, Maci, 
opening her gifts.  That is her Aunt Paiton behind her. 

On Tuesday, I went down to Garnett to see my two 
big grandsons, Chris and Nathan.  Here is Nathan with his 
daughter, my second little great-grand... Aurora, who is six months old. 

We have had stunning weather for NE Kansas, it was 73 degrees yesterday on Christmas Eve.  I know I should be concerned about climate change... I am, actually, but if I never saw snow again in person I would be happy.  How on earth did our parents cope with the horrible heavy snowfalls of our youth?  
I know most of the moms stayed home then, but even walking to school was hard... ask me, I will tell you. 

Even though I have cut way back on feeding... I make sure I still have enough 
out for the squirrels daily.  I have so much fun watching them chase each other around the maple tree. 
I have to bring Bullseye in every afternoon for a while, so he doesn't intimidate them. 

Zoey, out in the yard she loves. 

All of my dogs in the past have sat in this same spot and 
looked out over "their" yard.  I looked out the door one morning in 
late November, and saw Zoey doing it. 
I knew she was staying right then. 

So, I went to Petsmart, because Snowy's groomer is 
on maternity leave.  I interviewed the groomer! 
(I know, I'm nuts). 

I took her the next week... and she came home to me all trimmed up. 
She is mine. 

She fits in perfectly at ten, we are all old except the cats. 
She gets along okay with the cats, very well with Jes. 
She can be Miss Growly Lip sometimes, and guard 
things.... but that does not last long and I always have a talk with her. 
She barks if she hears something outside, which I love... I have not had a barker since I 
lost Fritzi.  

She is a good little doll. 

I tried to get a Christmas picture of Jester, me and Zoey.  It did not happen. 
However, she WILL wear a little sweater outside. 

We have had some very cold mornings, and Jester will not move one step if you 
put any kind of clothes on him. 

Santa pointed at the setting moon one morning this week. 
I will miss Big Santa on my deck, but he will be deflated tomorrow morning and put away for another year. 

It was a beautiful day for a trip to see Keith.  It looked like 
Wreaths Across American made it to his section with just a few wreaths left, so put them partially on the front row, you can barely see them. 

These are marshmallows that have chocolate inside... dipped in caramel, and then 
rolled in Rice Krispies.  They are so good. 
I made so much stuff, that when it got down to the nitty gritty, I could not go on. 
I went to a local grocery and bought two trays of cookies, which I gifted.  I literally could not bake another thing.   I am rethinking everything for next year... 

Christmas crack (Chex Mix) 
A lot of this went out, too... but I saved a bit for me and my son to snack on. 

We had biscuits and gravy for breakfast, which is a rare treat for us. 
My brother Pete used to make it for Christmas morning, 
we would go to mass early and then go to his house 
and have a big breakfast.  Those were wonderful days. 

Keith and his little grandson Carson, many Christmases ago.  

I don't want you guys to think I am desperately lonely... Christmas is a time to look back.  I had wonderful friends visit me yesterday, and then went to see more wonderful friends and enjoyed a good visit.  
My family is close and I can see everyone regularly. 
The pandemic is still scaring me... and I am still wearing a mask everywhere, and as of tomorrow, I will be switching from cloth to "professional" masks... I have had two shots and a booster but I still do not want it. 
I have had two close friends with it recently (also had had two shots) and I just do not want it. 

I am still active at the National Agricultural Center and 
have so much fun there. 

The Smith House on December 10, we had a lovely bus tour that day of folks from Illinois and Indiana. 

If you want a laugh, you can google "Camel Loose in Bonner Springs" and see the story of Lucy, who broke away from her trainer on Saturday night of the first weekend and was finally caught 
twelve miles away, having made it down a very busy highway without being hurt or hurting anyone. 

Lucy's replacement. 

Merry Christmas, everyone.  

Thanks for reading Calamity Acres. 



  1. Hari OM
    Blessings and Love to you and all at CA - a truly wonderful place to be! Huggies, YAM xx

  2. Merry Christmas to you sweet lady. I know you miss Keith and always will. I'm glad you had good visits with your family. Cute grandkids.

    I don't want you to get sick either. Please take care.

  3. Oh, Zoey is indeed a doll. Look at those little legs and that tummy and her sweet face, despite the growly-lip! I have a very similar looking rescue who does the growly thing and will nip at times, if her growl is not respected, and I love her immensely. I think you are wise to be careful about COVID. I have had the shots and booster, too. And I am glad to hear that you have family left and friends, too. Oh gosh, Lucy the camel, she really got far away before being captured! I guess compared to running over sand dunes the highway was a piece of cake.

  4. So glad you were able to see your family. I am thrilled that Zoey got her forever home for Christmas. The camel cracked me up! Hope all is well. Lee and Phod

  5. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. We had a good Christmas here with our son and his family. Sure wish our Ohio daughter and her family could make it to visit once in a while but they are busy with daughter in nursing school and working and two school age girls. she is saying they are coming this summer when school is out and she will have finished with nursing school. I'm holding her to it.


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