Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lots Going On

We have some new friends here at Calamity Acres...

the hens from the Ag Hall have come home for a few weeks 
until their pen can be repaired. 

Here is a blurry picture of two of them up on the roost in the old henhouse.  This is really kind of funny, because they did not use the roosts at the Ag. 

(for those of you who don't remember, the marks on the wall are what starlings use to do in the winter time, they would come in through the popholes and poop all over everything!) 

Last night, I went in, and five of the six were on the roost. 

The other six ladies are in the Hen Spa with the main flock. 

(except for one black hen who was out and on the road this morning, 
according to my neighbor!) 

They are all enjoying being on grass for the first time. 

There is a raccoon getting my poor white hen. 

He came down from on top, the sides are all still intact. 

I know now the red hen found last week, and the black hen found two weeks ago 
were all raccoon kills... you see, I am unable to close the pophole there at night, 
it would mean a second trip down there every day (ten miles one way) to close it. 
In three years, this is the first time a raccoon has figured out a way in.  I later saw 
him in this sequence coming across the top.  

I am worried about taking hens back, but the volunteer maintenance men will 
do the best they can to close the gaps. 

This is my new feral cat feeder being installed last week. 

It prohibits raccoons from jumping inside. 

Here he has the flashing on the bottom.  The red box on the 
right is to give them a lift off, and also hold a bowl of water. 

Here is Petey eating in it. 

They learn fast.  I have both wet and dry food in there, 
and I sprinkle a little dry around the base for the ground animals. 
I was going through 3 to 4 bags of dry food every week, I 
still have part of 1 left this week. 

I also put a bowl out in front of the old hen house, AND...
I opened the little red hen house back up so the ferals can go in and out of it, 
I am not going to use it again for birds. 

I saw this on the camera last night, you will have to click to enlargen... it is a 
possum mama with babies clinging to her back. 

Remember, they will also eat the bird seed mixture, and I am sure she was coming from there, as the 
cats and raccoons had emptied this bowl. 

Eric, who made the cat feeder, also did this for me: 

He brought his skid steer, and leveled and fixed the drainage in my 
driveway, so that it drains to the pasture side now, and filled in all the deep holes left 
by the septic tank replacement four years ago.  They were so bad the car bucked ... I 
filled in the worst with bags of gravel brought little by little, but now the whole 
thing is repaired and driveable. 

No more holes or dips.  YAYYYY. 

Eric is also coming back to paint the big barn, the hay barn, and 
the garage. 

I thought you might enjoy seeing this unique 
planter at Valley Feed in Bonner Springs, it 
is a metal device that was filled and planted with annuals.  
I think it is so attractive, and will try to find out what 
it is and where it came from.  It is like a bucket from some old 
mechanical device. 

I heart this ewe, just so you know. 

The Black Star pullets in the little hen house are looking SO GOOD. 

So are the cochin babies, see her blue socks? 

I took this short video of the Gold Comet babies and the 
Cayuga ducklings this morning... as they started to pile, I stopped.... 
but you see they have graduated to a bigger feeder, and a larger water fountain. 

It is so hot now I don't keep a light on them during the day, but I do turn a 
150 bulb on them at night when it gets to the sixties... for probably another few days. 

Mulberries will be here soon!


  1. I like the feeder. I'm glad you have found someone who is doing a good job for you.
    Poor hen. That's why we trap and relocate the coons at our house. They are lucky. Other people would kill them.

  2. Eric sounds like a keeper! (I like that ewe, too.)

  3. Hari OM
    Wow those cats must think they hit heaven! All your animals... Loving your ewe too - and the planter - and the track. It is all looking burgeoning and smooth! YAM xx

  4. Wow lots getting done. That stinkin racoon! Good idea for the ferral cats

  5. All hens will enjoy being on the grass. Good idea for the cat.
    I love mulberries:)

  6. The planter looks like the interior of a washing machine. I had a similar one at my previous house.

  7. Things are always busy and something new happening there for sure ! What a great life you lead. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend !

  8. What an interesting cat feeder! Did you come up with the idea? Looks like a long driveway. I remember hearing the cars on my mother's driveway before we saw them. Looks like life is good in Kansas!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

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