Friday, November 17, 2017

My Stalker, and the Surprise

We had a day here in the lower seventies, but the bottom 
falls out tonight, and rain, wind and cold come. 


I finally can show you my surprise!
Chuck Camlic from the class of '68, 
be jealous.  :-) 

Meet "Thunder", the Calamity Acres farm truck! 

I bought Thunder two weeks ago from our maintenance 
manager at the Ag, who is moving to Oklahoma now that he has 
retired for the SECOND time. 

Ray had him garaged under the pavilion at the Ag, and has used him only 
lightly these last two years.  He is an F250 Ranger, with an extended cab. 

He was green, but two years ago, was stolen from the farm where Ray was 
living at the time, and the thieves tried to paint him black.  When the police recovered him, 
Ray left him duo-tone. 

I tried to get the high school kids to work on him, but could not get a call back, so... 
he spent the last few days at a garage in Leavenworth, having brakes worked on. 

He runs great, and has a little over 75,000 original miles on him.  Yes, 75,000! 

He will now be my feed hauling/wood hauling/going to the dump and recycle center truck, and I 
can keep the Buick in good condition. 

He is wearing antique tags (he is a 1978) model... and I am going to keep him in good shape. 

Thank you so much, Ray, for trusting me with him!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. 

I now have a stick by the door.  I am being stalked constantly. 

Do not let Cogburn's calm demeanor fool you.  He had just run clear across the yard behind me, and I turned around, and he FROZE.  That beady little eye is watching me. 

I actually was taking care of the ferals, and I had to pick up a handy stick by the old henhouse and gently prod him backwards.  I don't use the point of the stick, I hold it against him on the round side... he pecks at the stick.  I then walked to the patio to get to the deck... and darned if he wasn't right behind me. 

I went into the house to eat something, and came back out as it was getting dark. 

I could not believe it, he saw me from the front of the henhouse, and came over all by himself to intimidate me.  At a run. 

The crowing began. 

I think he thinks I'm vanquished.  Tonight for the first time, 
he even tried to intimidate me in the henhouse as I locked up!

I saw the grey and white feral kitty on the deck last night, so I left a small amount of food... he came very early before the other creatures of the night came.  I was so glad to see him.  I also saw two of the ferals... but I HATE to start deck-feeding again, I'll have everyone at the house all winter. Still trying to think of a better solution!

My Protectress, who is now 11 years old, 
was laying down on the job.  


  1. Hari Om
    Eleven? Well I think she wears her years well! Froghorn Leghorn has nothin' on Cogburn!! ... and best of all, congrats on the wheels!!! Is there a step ladder to get up there (asks the one who is the same height!) YAM xx

  2. Oh, it's GOOD to have a farm truck. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on the truck. Sounds like just what you need there. Sorry the stalking continues. Hopefully he'll get better and not worse.

  4. Awesome truck :-D. The rooster... Don't let him hurt you (I've been spurred and drawn blood through heavy denim jeans) and don't let him ruin your time with your hens :-/.

  5. I've managed to have laying hens from early spring to late fall for the last 3 years without ever having touched one (birds kind of scare me, but I like to watch them & I love eggs), but we've never had a rooster. What you describe, having to hold him off with a stick, is like one of my nightmares. But, he is very handsome to LOOK at - such feathery feet!

  6. You had me frightened for you when you said stalker- could remember those foot prints. Dang, that truck is super sweet!

  7. We hope Lily and Jes are both feeling better now. We would not trust ol' Cogburn for one second! Nice truck, you should get your picture taken behind the wheel!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Love your truck. It will be so handy. No more straw in your go to town vehicle.

  9. You are either going to have to figure out a way to get a bluff in on that rooster or put him in the pot! NICE truck.


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