Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Whacking

Just let me know when you're sick of it. 

I suspect we have months in front of us. 

She's looking a little shaggy around the edges, but she's getting there. By the end of summer she should be cleaned up and a different color. 

I actually intended for you to see that we are going there enough 
that the birds give us about 3 minutes to step away from the feeding station 
before they descend on the seed. 

The minions are working VERY hard.  This one cut a HUGE pile of low-hanging branches. 

That's just part of it.  We were dragging branches to a 
central pile for 30 minutes. 

There was one bush in there I did not want cut, but... what the hey. 

Before we started, the lawn mower guy could not drive back in there! 

This little minion dragged and carried and dragged and carried. 

She also cut some of the branches, and that's not a sullen look, 
she was working VERY hard. 

We also made more progress in the planting beds.  We still have three that need 
a LOT of cleaning... but two are ready to plant, and one is nearly there. 

I'm so proud of Paiton and Jax. 

Tomorrow (weather willing) we are going to the Kansas City Zoo. 
Each one earned 20.00, and they can each get something 
from the zoo.  I can tell you now that Jax will 
save his money, and Paiton will bring home another stuffed animal. 

We are going to try to do the zoo in about 3 hours, and then 
come home and work a little more in the yard.  IF we don't 
get a significant amount of rain, my lawn guy will 
drive his tractor and brush hog (called Bush Hog, but not here) from his house at 168th and State to 198th 
and State, where I will be soon... and cut the 
pasture for me.  Then we will load the 
pile of branches up and drive down to where I used to have a
big brush pile and unload all the branches and 
grapevine I have cut.   Just the first load of many. 


  1. You're blessed to have such good little helpers. I hope they're watching for snakes.

  2. You have good helpers but could use a few more!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Hari OM
    Yup, can see the difference already... more power to those young limbs; I bet they are feeling a bit more grown up for doing all that helping - and $$$earning! enjoy the zoo... YAM xx

  4. Since getting our used Mule, I have made many, many loads to the burn pile. The crepe myrtles and Rose of Sharon grown new suckers and limbs every year. I have to keep them trimmed going up or the hubby cannot cut the yard next to the fences.

    I like them growing upright. Looks neater and I only have 4 or 5 main trunks going up instead of 20 or 30 that they want to grow.

    I have cut and cut. Hauled and hauled just out of the 2+ acre yard. Finally got around to working on flower beds. The Redneck got the garden planted about 3 weekends ago. We will have fresh black eyed peas soon. Tomatoes are slow coming on, but they don't like cold/cool nights. Same with okra.

    Good helpers, I need some minions.

  5. You're getting a lot accomplished! So glad you have great helpers. I hope you all enjoyed the zoo!

  6. Those helpers deserve a break and the trip to the Zoo sounds wonderful. Between the pack and clearing you certainly have your work cut out for you. Take care, relax when you can.

  7. What great helpers you have! (Wish I could get a FRACTION of that help from my tall, strong teenager....) You have made much progress; it has to be heartwarming. Is your town house on the market yet?

  8. Goodness that is a good lookin' crew you've got there! They do good work, too, lucky you :). Hope zoo day is dry and perfect for you all.

  9. Great progress that you are making.
    Enjoy your trip to the zoo!

    M : )


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