Monday, April 24, 2017

The Reason for the Absence

Nothing like an entire month in between posts, especially when I told you I would be posting more regularly! 

I have rarely been posting on Facebook, either. 

So what I have been doing is this:

That is the view from the porch of our old house. 

Our renter moved at the beginning of April, 
and I have been going out there daily.  

I don't know what to do. 

The house is not in good repair, but the property 
can be restored, the whole property, uncut yard, uncut 
pasture... overgrown garden beds.  

I'm going to be 67 this year, and only TWO friends 
think I'm not nuts. 

My kids and step-kids think I'm crazy to leave this beautiful 
big house and squish back into the little house. 

The little house needs 4 months worth of work done on it, first, 
and it's almost May.  

See what I've been doing?  Going back and forth, literally and figuratively.  

That's the lilac I raised from a six inch high cutting given to me by 

Lilly Ann was raised from a puppy there, and she is so happy when 
we are out there. 

As you see, the garden beds are almost unseen in the grass. 

The view down the hill to the Spehar's ponds. 

I can't get down into the pasture, it's so overgrown and there 
are burrs.  I let Lil in the first day, and she got covered, we had to go to the 
vet for her to be shaved in several places.  So, no morel hunting in my tiny 
patch of woods, out of sight to the right.  
My plan is to get it mowed, and keep it mowed. 
At least that's today's plan. 

My beautiful vegetable beds. 

Three cats are eating on the porch (you knew I would feed them). 

One, the one on the bench, was left there by the renters.  I am going to try to trap and neuter it. 
The other cat is also fed by the neighbors across the road. 

The third, not in this picture... is a grey tabby, and acts like a feral cat, it does not 
like to be around the other two. 

All I know is, the bowl is empty in the morning. 

That's the other reason the food is all gone by morning. 

I bedded down the henspa to move the hens from the ag hall out there... but 
have not done so.  I won't do anything until my mind is made up, one 
way or the other. 

There are many factors involved.  Yes, this big house is 
gorgeous and in a good neighborhood, but an unfortunate neighbor 
dispute happened here, that involved a drawn-out court case. 
That case is finished, but we also have a case with the people 
who sold this house to us, who failed to advise us of the prior neighbor dispute concerning this land. 

It is a big, nice house that would sell fast.  
Why would I want to move back to a tiny little house 
that needs so much work? 

Keith's handiwork is all around me there, but that's not even the reason. 

I just love it, I can't explain it.  I had the same kind of feeling for the 
first Calamity Acres, too, and I had to give that up. 

I just don't want to give this one up. 

It's pretty simple. 

So, I'm still agonizing.  

I'm going to get an opinion from an agent as to what the property is 
worth at the moment on the open market, with the house "as is". 
There are almost NO small acreages listed in Leavenworth or Wyandotte Counties, 
Kansas.  It would be a great building site, with a deep well and new septic already in. 

So... we'll see.  I'm praying about it.  I have been for weeks. 

So, as the dogs and I left today, we saw this: 

We are 2/10's of a mile off a busy state highway, 24/40, also 
called State Ave.  Remember, I have shown you the bison herd that is directly north of us 
at 198th and State on the north side.  In the last year, red cedar has grown up in their pasture so badly that the grazing was almost gone.  Red cedar trees also had grown into the fenceline, and that fence was put up by the state.  Some time in the last 3 weeks, someone began clearing the red cedar from the pasture, and this morning, a quarter mile of fenceline had been cut down. 

When I pulled off the road to get my camera up, the bison began approaching the fence line. 

I counted 25.  You can see that the trunks were left in the fenceline, probably a good idea. 

I only saw three calves... one is in the middle here. 

I saw at least two huge bulls. 

The house here had burned years ago, but there are still two big barns. 

The brush and saplings that had grown up on the driveway are all down, too. 
I am not sure what this all means. 

Another van pulled up behind me when they noticed me taking pictures (from the car). 

That man WALKED UP TO THE FENCE, I could see him as I pulled away. 

I would not want to be so close to thousands of pounds of inquisitive 
So, I really WILL try to post more often.  

Think of me agonizing over my choices!  


  1. Listen to that quiet little voice way down inside will know the answer. deb

  2. I totally get why you would want to go back, and why you wouldn't, also. It is your life, enjoy it as you see fit.

  3. it sounds to me like you already know! you loved it there.

  4. That is a tough decision. Since it is the place you love, I think you just need to decide if it is someplace you can age in place. If it isn't then you might be agonizing over something that would only give short term pleasure. If you can age in place at this place you love and have enough money to pay to have done what you cannot do yourself when you are older then go for it!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Let your heart lead you - listen to it - pray, pray, pray

  6. You will make the right decision I am sure.

  7. Hari OM
    I get it; I can almost feel it with you. Let the figures do some talking... then follow your heart. Huggies, YAM xx

  8. This is a huge decision, Mary Ann. I'll pray for wisdom for you in making the choice. I just want you to be happy and safe, wherever that is.

  9. It sounds like a difficult decision, and I'll be thinking of you as you decide!

  10. Mary Ann, you don't want to rush into anything but, ultimately, you need the choose then place that's most comfortable for you.

  11. I will be praying for you. The old place has it's benefits, but does need lots of work and constant upkeep too. I for one wouldn't want to take that one on. I too have a problems with houses...I thought my old place was sold and at last minute they didn't get the loan to buy so now I've moved into a smaller place. Having downsized to move and then moving was a bit job, but now I have the expense of keeping up two houses. Thankfully two of my children are helping out. Still it's no fun and I'm hoping we'll find a new buyer soon.

  12. Gosh very stressful. Go with your gut feeling
    Lily & Edward

  13. I hope you were counting me as one of the two friends who did not think you were crazy! You can never go wrong when you go with your gut instinct!

  14. Howdy, are these wild bison or farm raised bison?

  15. Since I am a "country lover" and live on an acreage myself at 68, I know what my choice would be. Best of choices to you. Nannie

  16. I know where I would live Mary Ann. I love the country.

  17. I loved your old house and was sad when you moved...but understood. Do what your heart wants. I wish I could come help you clean the old place up :-).


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