Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lilly Goes to the Dogtor and the Sun Returns

Well, we went to the dogtor this morning.
You can see that someone was worried. 

We had to get on the scale first.  82 pounds, that's a lot. 

She is ten now, last summer. 

Can we go home yet? 

The vet palpated her back after checking the leg that appeared to be dragging...and she 
gave a huge flinch.  He did it one more time... and she flinched big time again. 

He looked up at me and said "Xray time". 

So, he took a look. 

She has some compressed vertebrae, two, in fact. 

She is now on prednisone and tramadol, 
to lower the inflamation and manage the pain. 

Light walking.  

We went today, and walked only a few minutes, because I can 
see it's bothering her. 

So, we'll rest a few days.  

I'm so grateful it's not anything worse, and I suspect I know 
when it happened.  

Way back at the beginning of December, I was spending the night at 
the hospice with my brother, and Keith heard a loud noise and 
Lilly yiping loudly upstairs (Keith dialyzes in the basement). 
Sheriff's deputies came and checked the house for him... 
but I suspected at the time she had fallen off the bed, 
and I still think that. 

I think that's when she got hurt. 

Anyway, we are now on the road to repair. 

Gosh, it's so much easier to take pictures in the sunlight. 

Especially when you drive by sweet subjects. 

Almost every where you look!  Different hawk than the one above. 

Keith drove me around Wyandotte County Lake this afternoon.  There were lots of geese and lots of ducks.  These are coots with the Canada geese.  There were LOTS of mallards. 
I think I saw an eagle when we got to the dam, but he flew off so far I wasn't sure. 

There were lots of mallards. 

As you see, the water was really choppy... and it was interesting to see that
there were hundreds of ducks and geese resting on the ice, about a third of the lake is iced over. 
It was amusing to see them waddling over the ice. 

These little guys were waiting to eat at the buffet when we pulled into the driveway... and look!  The buds are more swollen! 

However, the weatherman tells us there is the possibility of a storm 
dropping six inches on us in mid-week next week. 

Say it isn't so!!!  


  1. Thank goodness! Y'all have been on my mind. Sound like there a plan to heal and is far better than the other choice. Good girl!!!

  2. I bet she doesn't complain more than an occasional yelp , even when in great pain. I hope she heals well and is more pain-free .

  3. Good news on the vet report then. Sounds like something that may take a little time. The sunshine does make things look better. After several dark days in a row, It surely was appreciated here too.

  4. Yippee, I'm glad to hear it was not a serious problem with the leg. I know it hurts her, but sounds like he's giving her what she needs for it to get well.

    Glad you are feeling better. Love the pictures. That hawk is outstanding.

  5. WHEW!! THAT diagnosis is MUCH better than it COULD have been... we are sure all will be well with time and the meds..

  6. We are glad Lily is on the right road to recovery..sweet girl. We heard about that snow, I bet there is a supermarket run in our area this weekend.
    stella rose

  7. We sure hope the meds help Lilly!!!!! Great photos! We have a storm coming in tomorrow and for the weekend.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Oh my goodness! Hope it's only healing from now on
    Lily & Edward

  9. We hope the rest and the medicine will help Lilly!!! Poor Lilly!

    Beautiful photos Mary Ann,, you and your camera are a great team!


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