Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rainy Days and a Sad Loss

We had some sun yesterday, before thunderstorms rolled in. 

How I love taking pictures of the birds! 

These were having a treat of leftovers. 

They made the leftovers disappear, believe me. 

Here I'll stop and tell you a funny story. 

In the hen spa yard, there is a medium-sized doghouse that 
I put in there for the ducks I used to have. 

I have been putting straw in it, because several of the hens like to 
lay in there, so I check it everyday. 

First let me say that because the chickens came in the dead of winter, 
I did not let them outside for weeks.  Then, for at least two weeks, they 
would walk out on the deck of the henhouse, and not go down to the yard. 

Then... one day, I came out there to do chores in the evening, and seven or 
eight of the twelve were outside.  I was able to get them in. 

That was the last time!  I have had to leave the pophole open 
now for 3 weeks, because I am not out there at dusk to lock up, as I was when we lived there. 

There is a six foot high fence. 

So, Keith had to go out there to do an errand for me last night, and I asked him if he 
would go over to the henyard and count heads and make sure everyone was in. 
You see, when I checked the doghouse yesterday, I noticed a lot of poop.  
I knew storms were coming, so I went over to the haybarn, got a handful of hay and straw, 
and took it over and spread it in the doghouse. 

When Keith leaned over, at least six sets of eyes stared at him in the dark! 
He was so stunned he started laughing.  Since it takes two to get them in, 
he left the pophole door open, and left them out. 

We have been laughing about it since last night. 

I suspected they were sleeping outside when I saw the poop, I just didn't know 
how many. 

So, I have broken down and put feed and water outside, which I swore I 
would not do this time, because it draws wild birds and vermin.  I put the 
feed under the porch, though, where the chickens can get to it, and the wild birds won't see it. 

I'm going to keep feeding for another month, then tail it off and stop 
out in the country.  I'll continue feeding here. 

This little guy was on the side of the road yesterday, I have been trying 
for days to get a squirrel picture. 

Lil was on the trail of some moles in the good weather. 

She finally gave up and came up and laid on the porch, where it was 

We saw lots of nice things on the way home... 

And one sad thing... 

I honestly think this girl may have been dumped, there was no carcass there in the morning when I went by... and there was no blood around.  More about her in a minute. 

From a great distance, I saw this bird in the air over the Spehar's pasture yesterday. 
I was thrilled, because the turkey vultures migrate, and they have been 
gone all winter. 

When I actually looked at the pictures today, I realized it was a big hawk. 

I have seen VERY few of them in the last three weeks. 

However, back to the deer...

It was laying just past the little barnyard where our goat friends 

As I drove towards the bridge, I saw this... 

For a minute, my heart jumped because I have seen turkeys on this road, and I have been looking for them all the time. 

I realized, though, that these were not turkeys. 

I began to stalk them slowly (laugh) IN the car.  I drive forward inches at a time. The dogs are so patient, Jester was sleeping, and Lilly was watching. 

I actually began to observe them... and wonder why they 
were not eating the deer, and then I realized I did not 
see her beyond the end of the bridge... 
So when I pulled up to it...

They flew over into the pasture, and there was a third vulture there, 
looking down into the deep ditch along the road.  

My guess is, there was something in that ditch working on the deer, probably coyotes. 

Either they pulled that deer off the road (doubtful) or someone came along and dragged it off and threw it in the ditch, OR... one of Leavenworth County's great road crews came along and 
pushed it off into the ditch.  I might try to take a look tonight on the way back over, if it isn't pouring rain by then. 

God's Cleanup Crew is back from the south. 

We had a thunderstorm last night and this morning, and more is expected later this afternoon. 
We need the moisture here. 


  1. It is raining here off and on all day, a cold rain, Mary Ann your pictures are just getting better and better.....and yes, sad.
    stella rose and momma

  2. There is plenty of that clean up crew left down here Mary Ann.

    And she could have been hit by a car too. I've seen many that have been hit and there wasn't a lot of blood.

    We use to drive up after dark and say I see ol Twelve eyes looking at us. It would be 6 horses.

  3. i saw my fist vulture when we were in ohio the other day. rain is headed our way too!

  4. I'm laughing at your story of the chicks in the dog house. I can just imagine what a sight it must have been. It is sad to see a deer along the road. Natures clean up crew does keep busy. Not pretty to see at all but it is the nature of things. We are to have some rain tomorrow and it will be warmer but then we're to go back into the 30's for the weekend. Below normal temps for us for the most part. I'm just thankful the snow stopped and is all gone.

  5. Great reading your blog Mary Ann, It's been a long tine since we connected as we've been followers of each other's blog, I have a new url now that I'm no longer idahofarmwife.net, but now S-Wheat Farm Life,http://www.swheatfarmlife.net/

    Take care, keep up the good blog adventures! Gayle

  6. Wonderful photos Mary Ann,
    I hope the tooth fairy or someone will bring me a new camera,, just like yours!

  7. Mary Ann, your first and last photos are SO GOOD! You really should enter that first on in a contest somewhere!


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