Thursday, October 30, 2014

Working in the Pasture Or, The Cockelburr Story

Can you see my rear view mirror? 
I watched that bean truck bear down on me, gears shifting... motor roaring... I honestly thought 
I was going to end up pushed out into 7 highway earlier today. 

It's going on everywhere, all around us.  
I'm watching at every corner for the bean and corn trucks. 

I took the dogs out to run, and tackled that cockleburr patch in the pasture. 

At first I was using the big cutters because some of the stalks were pretty thick, then
I would cut them up smaller in the yard cart. 

However, after working for a while, I realized most of them would pull up. 

I took two heaping cartloads up to the burn pile in the driveway. 

At one point, the Dauntless Duo ran past me at a pretty good clip. 
The pugs could never keep up with Lilly, though Gertie and Abby tried. 
Jester can match her stride for stride. 

Finally, I was able to see the actual outline of  the doghouse and dog pen stood. 

And stepping back a few steps, you can easily see where it was.  That's where I left it today, because frankly, I was getting pooped.  I am going to have to cut the chicken wire out of the high grass. 
You are actually looking at some of it here, but it's hard to see.  At the "far end"... just to the right 
of the white chair.... and just to the right of the first cockleburr plant... there is a big piece of wire 
on the ground.  Once every plant is down and the wire is out, I'll take the mower out and cut 
the grass... the push mower... and then I'll spray roundup to kill all those little burrs that fell on the ground.  Ugh.  

Look what else I found:

These were under the clump of grass right in front of Jester in the above photo. You know I am freaked about fungi in the pasture now, after little Greta the pug ate mushrooms and died. 
These were not there last year. 

Thanks again to the Bowen Family for their great pasture decorations ... I have loved watching these for another year! 

I took the big camera out to the Lake this afternoon... and after six pictures... the battery was dead! 
It's in the charger too, and I'm going to try again tomorrow after I get Keith home from dialysis. 

I hope to share those tomorrow! 


  1. Glad your got rid of those burrs. They are not any fun to get out of dog hair for sure and once the wire is removed mowing will be easy. Those pasture fairies are cute! I've seen some similar in yards around here. One could almost see them dancing! Happy Halloween. Hope you have more treats than tricks there !

  2. Good job. You'll get that wire as you have time and energy.

    Hope you both have a great weekend. I'll have to cover my squash tonight. We are in for a light frost.

  3. p.s., I just remembered about that truck pic

    I've set my video camera on the dash and taken video of idiots on the road. Just in case they cause an accident, because I would stop and prove it was their fault.

  4. You are a hard worker!
    Love those ghosts.

  5. those ghosts are cute! happy halloween!

  6. I cannot believe you had your camera taking pictures AS the truck was coming up on you....ohmypug!!!! mom is laughing.
    stella rose

  7. Those nasty burrs... We have a smaller kind.. but they are nasty too.


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