Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Blast from the Past and the First Craft Show

Last night, I had a lot of fun. 

Here are some of my classmates from Ward High, Class of 

Janet and Joe.... 

Joe and his wife, Cheryl, drove all the way from Ohio! 

This was an interim get together, as longtime readers will 
remember that we had a large reunion for our 45th last year. 
This smaller group met at a local bar in Kansas City, Kansas, 
where we all lived growing up (Breits Stein and Deli, highly recommended). 


Very cold. 

Janet was freezing! 

There was lots of good food... lots. 

And the guys still know how to put it away. 

That's Senior Class President Bill Russell... do you know when you are senior class 
president you get to work on the reunion committee for the Rest of your LIFE?????

Bless them! 

It was truly a blast from the past.... 
and thanks to Keith for patiently waiting to watch the Royals inside, as I visited with friends. 

And this morning was the first of the holiday craft shows, 
held at my little grands, Paiton and Jax's, elementary school 

This beautiful quilt, made by the quilter's guild at the Grinter Farm State Historical Site, was up for raffle. 
I bought six chances... isn't it gorgeous? 
The Grinter Farm is run by the state, but only open on 
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  They are trying to raise attendance so 
that this beautiful farmsite with historical meaning for Wyandotte County 
can stay open.  In November will begin a series of Saturday afternoon
historical talks that will be accompanied by dinners cooked on the 
cookstove... I'm going to go to the first one.  

There were beautiful wreaths, 20.00 apiece... some 25.00... half as much as 

Cardmakers... more about this in a minute... 

These beautiful candles were out of today's budget... but they were 
so unique.  They are a project by Special Education students at Manhattan High School...
the candles are made of agate, granite, slate and limestone. 

The wick does not burn, only the oil. 

A tiny funnel comes with the candle, so it can be refilled. 

The kids learn how to handle money, order supplies, do their own banking, and make 
the items.  They split the profits at the end of the school year. 

I listened to a very good presentation by a young lady who was 
there with her teacher. 

This particular piece is full of fossils!  Can you see them? 

Truly a unique gift for the home, and bravo to the Manhattan School District. 

Anyone interested in these beautiful pieces can contact for more 
information, and I understand they are also sold at several locations in Manhattan. 

Here is one of the beautiful cards I bought. 

And here is another... I wonder why I was attracted to that???

I bought a few cards to use as templates, I admit it!  I want to try to 
make some of my own, heavens knows I have enough of a scrapbooking stash here. 

These little guys are going into Christmas boxes for friends.

There was something for everyone there, but as I said... it was only 
the first of the craft shows.  Next month brings a huge one... and 
the 6th of December there is another one in this particular school district, at the 
high school. 

Time to get our crafts on!!!!!

(And my Christmas stash is growing!) 


  1. Gotta love craft shows. Could you give me
    the details of the upcoming shows?

    M : )

  2. It's chilly here too and I went to a wedding that was outdoors yesterday. I had my coat on but the bride was in a sleeveless gown. BrrrChill ! Glad you had such a great time at your reunion and got some more things for your Christmas stash at the craft show. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you !

  3. That's a beautiful quilt. Good luck with your raffle tickets.

    Love those cards too.

  4. Good times Mary Ann,, so many good times! All those cool things from the craft show- very cool


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