Monday, October 27, 2014

Let's Get Caught Up

Saturday morning, the third dialysis.  Kicked butt, believe me. 
However, Keith got to come home that afternoon. 

30 minutes ago, today... with all the bruising on his arms and shoulders artfully concealed... 

He did have his first four hour diaylsis this morning... I drove.... and was exhausted afterwards. 
However, he had a good nap and a good lunch and feels pretty good. 

His weight has gone from around 250 last week... to 193 today.  Incredible what his poor body was carrying around, and no wonder he was so sick. That was all toxic fluid. 

Our schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 5:30 AM to 
9:30 AM... and I'll drive for a few weeks, until he gets in the 

We had a make-up ball game yesterday... Jax got a GOOD hit with his new bat. 

And afterwards I ran the dogs out to stretch their legs. 
They are so happy at the farm. 

And getting to be pretty friendly. 

If you were to walk in the gate right now, this is what you would see... on the far side of 
Spehar's ponds.  I wait for it every year. 

Yes, I had the big camera. 

This is the view pulling back a little... that tree is actually along way away, across the two big ponds. 

I am getting to love this camera. 

Troy and Kathy's back yard is like a park... and so beautiful. 

And yes, I did some artsy shots, too! 

We're ready to go home, Mom! 

(It was hot!) 

As I came home from the library while Keith slept this morning, I stopped at the pond I showed you several weeks ago.  But... I have missed the color there, sadly. 

This little guy, a mallard, I think, was all by himself on the pond, you can just see him in the first picture in the left bottom.  He was picking at the algae, and the waves were bucking him around.  

I had just come from a friend's house, where these guys were eating in the yard. 

And there were some chickens and roosters running around, too. 

We have a new road ahead of us, but I think we'll be able to travel it... in fact, I know we will. 


  1. Wow, that's a lot of fluid that they pulled off of him. I hate to tell you this Mary Ann, but you probably need to plan on driving him all the time. Sometimes, after they pulled on momma, she was so sick. I'd hate for him to be off by himself and get that way.

    Great pictures with the new camera.

    Glad Keith got to come home.

  2. What a hard way to loss weight that fast...I know keith will do fine with you by his side! Love the shots, jester is so cute, and nature so beautiful.
    stella rose and momma

  3. I bet you are both exhausted. So glad Keith is home. My best to you both.

  4. i love that last photo! what a tough time for you guys. i hope keith responds well to the new treatment.

  5. That's a lot of weight to lose in a week!

    Gorgeous photos!

  6. Mary Ann,

    It's great to see Keith home and smiling. He's lost all kinds of weight, give him a big hug for support from an Okie friend.
    Keep both of you in my prayers.

  7. Keith is looking so good!! Yes, thats a lot of weight to come off all at once. He is very lucky to have you--- to take him back and forth.. to the dialysis.!! Hopefully he can watch ball games and such while he waits and lays in the bed!

    Your camera-- I don't know what kind you have- but it does a super dooper job. Beautiful photos of that special place you hold in your heart.

  8. So happy that Keith is home! I work with a woman who's husband experienced the same kind of weight loss when her husband stated dialysis. All that fluid on the belly must be really uncomfortable -- and, like you said, its toxic. Good he's getting rid of it. I love all the shots you got with your camera -- beautiufl!

  9. I'm so glad Keith is home and feeling better! I love all the new photos, great job.

  10. So glad Keith was able to come home, what a blessing! I love the pictures and can see your new camera does a great job. The last picture is exceptional and I love how you put it about the new road before you. I know you'll make it!

  11. Hallelujah!
    I am so happy for Keith, to be able to go home from the hospital, and to be able to do dialysis, so that he will feel better.
    It is amazing just how much our kidneys do for us, and just how many systems they affect!
    It will be nice for him to feel better, and regain some of his energy now.

    Love the beautiful Fall pictures! Nice job!!

    Best wishes.



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