Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Did You Know the Royals Are in the World Series?

My Facebook feed is full of this: 

(from the net) 

In case anyone is unaware of it, this town has gone Royals-crazy... tonight is 
Game Seven against the San Francisco Giants.  

I bought Keith a new shirt at the store this afternoon... and the clerk said 
"Don't you want to wait until tomorrow and buy the championship shirt?" 

She was serious. 

I'll confess something... I can't watch the games, I get too sick to 
my stomach.  Keith watches them in the Man Cave and calls 
upstairs ON HIS PHONE and tells me the scores, then I switch for a 
few minutes at the commercial... watch... and then go back to something else. 
So far, it's worked.  I'm praying it works tonight! 

I did get some work done around here today in my "garden". 
Here are my beautiful planters of impatiens and Caladiums. 

I dug all this out.  I cleaned off the caladium bulbs, and laid them 
in some planting mix in the garage in a planter to try to save them 
over the winter. 

Ooooo I did not get a good picture of the seeds. 

I was pulling heads off right and left. 

And I pulled a LOT more zinnia seed heads off, too. 

Look what I found way down at the bottom! 

There was a surprise in the tomato planter, too. 

Keith can no longer eat tomatoes... because of the potassium. 
This planter will be put to a different use next year. 

Don't worry, my helpers were with me.  Notice how they lay together now. 
If I didn't know any better, I would say Lilly is glad to have a "pack" again. 

This large planter in which the tomato grew now is full of beautiful red tulips, sent to 
me for my birthday in August by my friend Georgie... I can't wait to see them! 

Remember when I trimmed these back in April? 

Well, this will be one of next week's projects!  

Always something. 

Go Royals! 


  1. You have been sooo busy,, and your yard is looking so gorgeous!
    Don't get a fever from watching that ball game! I think we can hear the cheering way over here!

  2. I'm rooting for the Royals! Believe 1980 when they played the Phillies I was NOT :) but I don't like the Giants, so...Go Royals!

  3. relax...the royals are going to win! i get sick over football the same way! it is time for the royals and they are hot! we are cheering them on.

  4. Mary Ann,

    Come on Royals!!!!! Were in the bottom of the 9th...................they need to get it going......

  5. It's nice to be able to root for the home team. Ours hasn't made it that far in a long long time. Hope yours wins!

  6. Sorry, I don't watch sports. Congrats to the Royals, hopefully they will win!

    Awww, without tomatoes I have no will to live. One of my favorite things to eat.

    I'm glad Lily Ann is accepting Jester. I know with our cats it takes a while for a new one to work it's way in around the house. Not that I want any more. Sometimes, they just show up.

  7. We have deadheaded also and Daddy pulled up all the zinnas...until next year.
    stella rose


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