Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beautiful October

I had lunch with Friend Jill today, and we had SUCH a good time talking. 
It's so good to see friends, and have a one-on-one. 
Yes, we dished. 

Then, I ran to the feed store. 

It is all dressed up for fall... doesn't Marti, the owners wife, do a good job?  Crows are looking out of those cornstalks... and Neil was not able to keep cornstalks in stock! 

Yes, they mill their own feeds there, right in Bonner Springs, Ks. 

I got four bales of straw, and a fifty pound bag of bird seed. 
I went down a grade in birdseed, because I realize the sparrows and 
doves are not touching the peanuts and safflower and some of the other goodies. 
The less-expensive blend will satisfy them.  I did look at hummingbird feeders too... I am going to increase them next year. 

Four bales of straw will just fit in the HHR.  Anthony, the hardest working kid in Wyandotte County, knows how to load.  I need to get a picture of him the next time I am there. 

(Straw is at 7.00 a bale, in this time of abundance... too high!) 

Look at the gorgeous milo along Evans Road in Leavenworth County, on 
my way to the old place. 
Isn't it beautiful!  

This is really corn and bean country... but I love that some farmers are still planting milo... 
my uncle always planted some milo and some sorghum. 

And here's some of that corn waiting to be harvested.  When I was 
a little girl, I often read a story about the witches at Halloween, who made the cornstalks come alive and dance around their fire.  I always think of that this time of year.  
Five years ago, I found this very book in a book sale and bought it! 

Everywhere you see bits of green in this bed, I tried to dig it out. 

The dirt is glorious... a combination of paper, dirt (good dirt brought in) and 
straw that has composted from last year.  I never got this bed planted, remember. 

Here is the bed, and four bales of straw was just about right.  I laid it on 

Clearing the weeds out has helped the perennials so much. 
The mondarda "Jacob Cline" is really expanding! 

And can you see the new growth on my white lilac that was so buried in weeds this summer 
you couldn't even see it???

I am so happy about this, I have raised it from a six inch tall plant. 

I went over to the backside of the north bed... it is the only bed I haven't touched. 

Look what I found on the second spadeful! 

I dug out a little of it... and then stopped for the day. 
We are to have rain the next few days, and next week, the dogs and I will 
go back out and I'll get busy in this bed and get it all finished. 

I could go on and on, but, as Keith reminded me.... we are renting it... so I won't. 

I am going to sprinkle wildflowers in this bed. 

(Thank you, Jill, for the idea!) 

I saw only two small butterflies today... none of the larger ones, though I did see some bumblebees working on the buddleia. 

There were plenty of these guys. 

As I started out the gate, I took this picture: 

The trees are beginning to turn!  

I can't wait to take some pictures in the next two weeks, while the color is good. 

Now... I am changed and have to start priming the next set of trim! 

Isn't October wonderful? 


  1. what can i say about october!!!??? i could go on endlessly! it is the best month of all!

  2. Its a good time of year Mary Ann. The season is beginning to tell us a story about resting-- for just awhile and then spring will come,, and we can start blooming again,, just like all the flowers and trees.

  3. Good to see everything looking so nice there. I hope the people that rent it appreciated it and take good care of the place too. October is a beautiful time of year.

  4. We've been cleanup up too..........seems like always........but, really cleaning up the property and all the little piles. I can say as of yesterday afternoon. Every single thing that wasn't in use by a horse or us has been moved to either inside the barn, put behind the back shed or put in the burn pile.

    Little things that drive me crazy.

    And OMG......limbs that hang down.......I've cut and cut...............I hate riding under a tree on a horse or the 4 wheeler and have them near my head. Hubby picks me up on the bucket of the tractor and I've been able to cut them way up high.

  5. I can feel your joy in this post. Indeed it is a wonderful time of year.


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