Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Clean-up Day

There's Brandon, my nephew, working on the caulking of the house this morning. 
He got there at 4:30, and did the whole exterior. 

See that pile growing behind him? 

Grandson Jacob and I got there, and drove over to the storage buildings and 
the shop, and began loading out debris. We loaded the car 
and drove it around to where the trailer was going to be parked. 

We filled this dump trailer... filled.  There is still stuff to throw away, but not near what there was. All the construction and demolition materials are now gone. 

Papaw was not feeling right, so he got to hold Baby Carson. 

While Big Brother Jace picked up a LOT of worms from where 
a pile of wood had been sitting.  He and his daddy are going to go 
fishing with them. 

Papaw gave him his tackle box. 

Keith's youngest daughter Amber took over Carson duties... 

and helped husband Jesse get the tarp over the trailer. 

Notice the Royals outfits???  

Keith supervised.  

We had a gorgeous day for it. 

There is supposed to be rain again tomorrow and Monday.  See the water standing in the driveway? 

Weeds coming up through the mulch.  I am going to go out to the middle of the pasture and 

Jacob and I grimaced... and frankly, I'm going to rake the mulch aside and dig up this area and try again to get the weeds out. 

If I have to, I'll get more mulch at the end of the month and we'll put another inch on 
the darn beds. 

Here's something I miss so badly... I have only seen geese over here at the new house ONCE since we moved here... we are not in the flyway like we were at the old place. 
These were honking loudly enough that I looked up. 

When I dropped Jacob off at home, I found Paiton and Jax busy in the kitchen. 
You see... Jax turned seven yesterday, and Paiton will turn six on Monday. 
They are one year and three days apart in age. 
Their birthday party is tomorrow afternoon. 

Paiton did not play with dolls as a little girl, but asked her parents for a doll house. 
Jim put this together for her... it is hidden in big sister Madison's bedroom. 
Her eyes are going to widen out of her head when she sees it tomorrow! 

Jim and Amy got Jax a special bat from a sports store... he has wanted it for months, and 
doesn't know it is coming. 

I'll be at church tonight, as I am signed up to work our annual turkey dinner at church 
tomorrow morning on the early shift... 8 to 10:30 AM, preparing turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, rolls and cranberry sauce for the turkey dinner/bazaar tomorrow.  

Depending on the time the party starts... I'll get a turkey dinner for Keith and me to share... and then drop it at home on my way to the party. 

Now that the house is all caulked on the outside, Keith will tape the windows and start the painting. 
Then comes the deck railing, while I work inside.  Brandon will also come back in a week or so and hang the outside trim. 

We're getting so much closer! 
I still have stuff to move out of the big storage building and the shop... but not that much. 
We need to make some decisions about the contents left in the shop... donations and possible things to sell at the auction on Thanksgiving weekend. 

I'll work on moving those last things this week, and putting them away right away when I get them here.  No more clutter in the garage!!! 

I guess everyone is aware the Kansas City Royals pulled another one off last night, and won 
game one of their series with Baltimore. 
Keith is out doing an errand right now so he can come home and watch the game in peace and quiet this afternoon.... and the whole metropolitan area is alive with Royals Fever. 

I thought you might be interested in seeing what I just paid for gas about an hour ago: 

That's 2.91 for regular... incredible!  

And last... here's my big brother Pete yesterday.. he is looking SO GOOD!  For the first time 
in months, he was able to have a simple conversation... he can't really "talk" anymore... the way we used to visit... but he was able to converse about some simple things.  He is getting along so well at the new nursing home, and I couldn't be happier (unless it would be to see him with no dementia and at home!).... and I'm SO glad for him.  

I am trying to think of things to do to enrich the folks at this nursing home... he lives in a special area with folks who are wanderers, and would get out if they are not restricted to that area of the building.  I am trying to put songs on a CD for them from the 50's and 60's, and I'm going to donate my mom's old boom box for them to play music in the dayroom.  I have some other schemes too, that I'm working on.  More about that as they get closer. 

I hope everyone is having a beautiful October weekend! 


  1. Looking good! More progress.

    Let's go Royals!!

    M : )

  2. I know a great idea for the scraps of wood. The one thing that seemed to center Dad was his name on a sign. He would read his name and yep, that's me and just smile. We kept it on the fireplace mantle. Now it hangs in the entry hall. It will never leave.

    Work goes quicker and easier with some help.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Kudos to all your family for being such a big help
    Lily & Edward

  4. I hope you soon get to take a break! I think I'll scream right along with you about the weeds, Mary Ann. I have had to totally change my expectations of how things look this fall, and that is SOO hard to do. Weeds, weeds go away!

  5. I've heard music is the best way to "remember" :-).

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  7. I hope you enjoy the birthday party today. It's great that as busy as you are you still take time to volunteer too. The turkey dinner does sound good. Folks in homes like your brother always appreciate visitors for sure and I think everyone enjoys music. Never a dull moment at your house.

  8. You are so blessed to have family close by to help out. Can't you just spray the weeds coming up? Glad Keith knows when to just stand back and supervise. Kids birthdays are wonderful. You will have a great time. And bless your heart for what you are doing at the nursing home!

  9. Glad to hear your brother was doing so well.

    Great doll house.

    Have you tried thick cardboard next to the ground in the beds. Then put the mulch over it?


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