Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mama, Don't Let Your Fencelines Grow Up to be Grapevines

To wit: 

Oh, yes. 

That's a fenceline. 

My bad. 

There's a pasture behind there. 

I cut and I cut and I cut. 

That's what some of the grapevine trunks looked like. 

Those are grapevines!  Whew. 

You can see the pasture again!  

That's the brush pile way down there. 

These are mushrooms growing on a dead tree.  I'm going to take a better picture of this tree tomorrow. 

I worked on the pasture side of the fence, too.  This tiny beautiful little red plant 
is a young Virginia Creeper vine. 

Several of these guys were on the house porch (wooly bears). 

I stopped to take this picture on the way home... got out of the car.... The trees are getting so beautiful.  This pond is so peaceful. 

This barn sits above the pond. 

This farm is right across the road from the pond.  There are several barns and a granary. 

But the house is gone... it clearly was in that copse of trees... and the pasture had 
peacefully grazing cows in it.  There was an additional barn, I didn't get it in the pcitre... it is behind the trees, and would have been behind and a little to the west of the house. 

On the way home, I went by my friend Diane's to give her a sack of egg cartons I had found in a storage building at the old house.  This made me laugh out loud.  It's a BIG Angus bull.  
He is standing in between the supports of a sign that says "New Haven Angus", large 
cattle breeders here in Leavenworth County. 

There was a truck behind me and I couldn't stop (see him in the side mirror?) 

Here is what's really funny... he turned around pointing NORTH in the time it took me to deliver the cartons and chat for a minute... so he was facing me again as I came down the road.  This time, I pulled into a driveway, and calmly took the picture as I got the stink eye. Now you can read the sign that says "New Haven Angus". 

He's pretty photogenic. 

Jester likes his daddy a lot. 

Keith is going back into the hospital either today, tomorrow or Monday, he is finding out now. 
This is getting to be part of our lives.  
Please remember him in your prayers if you think of him this weekend. 

And these guys live about a mile from us, right down the road.  How I always would 
have loved to have had some alpacas.  Maybe in my next life.  

 And now I'm going out to cut grass for the last time this year. (I 


  1. You should see if that farm will buy your picture!

  2. i love the pick of keith and jester! i hope keith will be okay!!!

  3. We send lots of prayers for Keith,,,,, so he can get all better and come home to Jester, Lilly and you!

  4. Great title and post, Mary Ann! And I agree with Sara; I think you should offer to sell the Angus ranch your photo. Prayers for Keith; are you going to share the full story of how Jester came to live with you permanently?

  5. That post title sure caught my eye, Mary Ann! Too cute! lol! We used to have a ton of grapevines at our country home and I would make wreaths and decorate them. I gave all the women on my Christmas list a wreath one year.
    Love the shot of the bull under the sign. Looks like he's posing just for you.
    I will put Keith on my prayer list. Take care.

  6. Oh wow! Clearing away those grapevines had to have been some hard work for you. I keep thinking it will be the last time we mow here too, but the grass keeps growing. I will keep Keith in my prayers. That is a wonderful picture of him and the dog.

  7. Love the photos of the bull and the alpacas! And you weren't even at the zoo! I only saw alpacas once--last summer at a zoo. They were in the same area as the llamas and I was never sure which one I was taking a photo of!

  8. That's one beautiful pasture you found back there
    Lily & Edward

  9. That's a cute picture of Keith holding Jester.


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