Monday, October 6, 2014

A Tiny World

I went down to refresh the bird's water this morning...
I am not seeing as many birds lately, and now I have not seen hummingbirds again 
since midweek last week. 

Look who was sitting in the niche where the faucet is! 

He let me take several closeups.  

When I went down again two hours later, he was gone. 

Something has burrowed down into the middle of the garden at the old house... 
snake? turtle?  (not big enough) 

Vole?  There are lots of voles out there, but they don't usually make such an obvious opening. 

I am still picking tomatoes off the plant on the patio here. 

And I picked a bucket full off the volunteer plants at the old house. 
I took them to a friend, and she was going to pick out the good ones for herself and her daughter, and the rest were going to her chickens.  

There are still some ripening out there. 

Though the portulaca has about given up the ghost... the daisies are having the last blast of summer! 

I spent some time doing this.  I'll be doing it tomorrow, too.  

I know you're all envious! 


  1. I envy your progress. I keep on but progress seems to elude me.

  2. How did that frog get all the way up there?

  3. I love that second picture, great shot!

  4. that little froggie is soo cute

  5. If you saw how I paint, then you know why the hubby doesn't let me :)

    great looking tomatoes, our plants were pitiful this year

  6. Our zinna's also look crappy I think from the frost. It is time to dead head them and pull them up. winter is closer..ugh....stella rose and momma

  7. What a cute surprise you had there by your water faucet. Sad to see all the flowers going this time of year. I still have a few roses blooming, the sedum is in flower and some coleus but that is about all. I am envious of your energy to do all that work. I am painting, but totally different from yours. I'm doing christmas ornaments. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  8. Too fun.

    Can't believe all.the tomatoes you have!

    M : )

  9. I've just got a few grape tomatoes left. I love October, but am sad to see the end of the flowers coming soon.


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