Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Perfect Fall Dessert

Maybe some of you have noticed on our sidebar the blog 
"The Iowa Housewife". 
Yesterday, Myrna and Sue posted a very good apple 
recipe, perfect for this time of the year. 

Here is a link to the apple cake post. 

Okay, I just realized they call them "Apple Nut Bars". 

These are unique in that it is all mixed in 
the pan on the stove.  I did mix the dry ingredients in a bowl, and then poured everything into the butter/brown sugar mixture. 

Here is the wonderful goodness out of the oven.  

I call it Apple Cake, and by any name, it's good! 

I'm sorry to say that this little guy (Jester) is not feeling well today. 

He lost his breakfast and spent the morning while I painted, on the couch 
in the living room.  Every time I went back and forth, I checked on him. 
His gum color is good (thanks, Dr. Jill) and he is a little more peppy this afternoon.  
I'm glad. 

I'm also off to another baseball game this evening, there are only a few left. 

Another gorgeous NE Kansas day! 


  1. That cake does look good ! I was thinking about apple cake yesterday as I do have some apples that need to be used up before they are not good. Will hopefully get a chance to try that recipe out today !

  2. Poor Jester. I hope he's feeling better today.

    That 1st picture looks like fudge. The cake looks delicious.

  3. The cake looks tasty.

    Sorry your dog has been under the weather. Hope he's back to his peppy self very soon.

    Smiles :)

  4. That's a good dessert all year round sweet pea
    Lily & Edward

  5. poor jester. i wonder what is wrong with him? i am all about apples and pumpkins here right now!

  6. Please save us a piece.
    stella rose

  7. Your dog looks like the one I saw running around playing in the fountains at the Landing in Branson last month! Now I'm off to look for that yummy recipe. Thanks for sharing!


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