Friday, October 3, 2014

A Tiny Rant

I'm going to start with a tiny rant today... one I'm sure with which many of you can identify at this time of year! 


Every day, in my mail, I get solicitations for donations.  Yes, I do make 
some small donations throughout the year... but I am 
being ASSAULTED with solicitations this year, and 
Keith is now getting slammed. 

I wish these organizations know that I DO check them out on 
Charity Navigator to see how they do with their donations... 
but for all the return address labels, cards, and other "souvenirs" that I am sent... 
I have pretty much decided to take a hard line.  I donated to a few 
that I believe truly in... and the rest... well... I am using 
some of those labels... and throwing most solicitations into the 
mail unopened. 

I'm retired, for Pete's Sake!

I wish I had a penny for every piece of paper I had thrown away in the 
last month. 

Here's another tiny rant...

I recently renewed my subscription to Country Sampler.  I am cutting 
back on magazines now... and letting many subscriptions lapse. 
Two weeks after renewing, I got a "special offer" from 
Country Sampler, and I put it with my bills to see 
what it was about on bill-paying day. 

I opened it... and actually wrote a check before looking at the date on the 
I was offered 1 year for 18.00 and the Home Tour edition for 6.99... came to 24.99 with tax. 
I wrote the check... then looked at the label. 

I am paid THROUGH 2016!  2016!!!!!

Good gravy. 

I tore the check up, and the envelope. 

I have been trying for WEEKS to get a picture of this old boy in his pasture.  Many times he 
is up near the fence (he has a fly mask on).  He has two calves as companions. 

Day before yesterday, I was able to get it!  

I stopped in a store in Lawrence yesterday, in between rainstorms. 
I thought this white pumpkin was beautiful!  Then... today, at 
Wal Mart of all places, I saw white pumpkins galore for 3.99. 

I should have gotten one. 

This is our side yard yesterday and today. 
We have had maybe 4 inches of rain in the last three days. 

It is brisk (59) and sunny this afternoon. 

And the dogs went out with me to fill the sugar feeder.  I am still seeing a few 

Last night, I saw probably two hundred geese high enough up I could not hear their honking.  
They are the FIRST geese I have seen since we moved here... and oh, how I have missed the geese terribly. 

No camera with me, of course. 

Our little boy is always smiling. 

My heart had been lost to pugs... but I have to tell you... this 
sweet Boston Terrier has won me over to this breed... they are loving
and so much fun to have around... he is always happy. 
We have yet to hear him bark, but he runs to the window with Lilly whenever she does bark. 

It is a pleasure to go anywhere on errands... the world is so beautiful in October!

Tonight we are going to my 46th high school reunion.  Some of you may remember 
that we had a large 45th reunion last year... and this year, we are all meeting at a bar for a "46th"... well, some of us are.  Last year I dressed to the nines... this year I am going in jeans and a sweatshirt! 
Keith will have his Royals shirt on... there is sure to be a lot of talk about the 
Cinderella team!  

Pictures tomorrow. 


  1. Boston terrier owners are sold on them. I am really enjoying yours. Have fun at the reunion!

  2. We loved your pictures today and jes had a nice big smile. Have a great time tonight! We will be finking about ya.
    stella rose

  3. I think the magazine companies are having a rough time right now since you can read these
    online now. I have a beef eith Redbook now and the will be hearing form me!

    Love the pics.

    Enjoy your reunion!

    Le's go Royals!!!

    M :)

  4. have a wonderful time at your reunion!

  5. A lot of magazines pull that stunt. I usually let my subscription run out and then don't renew until they offer a better rate. They NEVER offer you a break until they think they've lost you.

  6. We just rip the stuff up with out even looking,,, too much stress to figure it all out... Someone tried to pay us ten dollars the other day to subscrible to the newspaper... We did not take the offer- just no thanks.
    its stressful -- isn't it?
    Yes those Bostons are tuff little dogs and so happy!
    Hope you had a good time

  7. I've never gone to a reunion of my high school class. Our class was very cliquish. My sister's class was one big happy family. She has gone to a few. I'm sure you two will have a great time--comfy is always great ;-)

    I've had a couple magazines send renewal notices when I wasn't a subscriber. I recently canceled one subscription because the magazine is half the size it used to be. A couple weeks later I received a renewal notice for $8--down from $24. They must be desperate indeed. Yes, always check your expiration dates--if you can find them on the label. I have a couple that don't have the expiration dates on them. I have to go online to get it :-(

  8. It is a pleasure to be out this time of year. Even on the cloudy rainy days there is some colorful sights to be seen .

  9. I hear you on your rants about solicitations and magazine subscriptions. I experience the same thing and HATE it.

  10. I write return to sender and stick them back in the mailbox at the Post Office.

    That is aggravating that they send the renewals out when you are paid up for a long time. The fishing organizations are the worlds worst about it too.


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