Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Visit to the Vet

Here's Dr. Hamilton, the fill-in vet, checking out Jester this afternoon. 
Both Jes and Lilly got their shots today, after the doctor and I had a talk about inoculations and why we give them.  Having read lots of information lately about them, I wanted to be 
sure about what we have and why we are doing it.  Dr. Hamilton was straightforward... and we did all the boosters, rabies (2 year rabies) and leptospirosis.  Several cases of lepto have been 
reported in Leavenworth County lately, and I don't want to take any chances. 

Lilly came along too, and had her shots... and saw her friend Rhonda. 

We saw this truck on our way there.  I had to laugh. 

Since the dogs were so good at the vet's, we went out for a short run.

I'm learning to use the sun to my advantage... slowly. 

Very slowly. 

This mess... it's a patch of cockleburs, horrid, horrid cockelburs. 
They get so tangled in Lilly's fur. 

Why are they even there?  Why did Troy not cut them? 

This is where the pasture dog pen stood, where the little flock of Mille Fleur chickens lived. 

I wrapped the bottom of that pen with poultry wire, and tie-wrapped it to the wire. 
When we took the pen down in the spring, as we re-homed the goats and some of the chickens, we cut the poultry wire off but we did not roll it up immediately.  The grass has grown through it, and it might as well be attached to the ground.  I can only get one corner up.  

I am going to sit down on the ground in a week or so, and start cutting, and try to 
cut it up enough that I can get it all out. 

Then I'm going to cut those dang burrs down and put them on the burn pile of grapevine and saplings.  

They. Are. Wicked. 

The mums in the garden are still going strong, though fading around the edges. I noticed yesterday that they are all gone from Walmart now. 

I'm seeing the flower beds in a whole new way. 

These are monarda stems. 

Daisies?????  (not sure) 

Phisostegia????  It really helps to focus on the seed pods, which are quite beautiful in their own ways. 

There are still a few buddlieas blooming, but I saw only one butterfly. 

Most of them look like this, and believe me, I'll be cutting them back this year, remember, I nearly lost them this year after the terrible winter we had. 

Since both dogs had just had shots, we didn't stay really long. 

And besides, Mama was hungry. 

Look who was outside doing a little bit of work when we got home!  Yes, he's feeling so much better, but trying to go slow as he adjusts to dialysis.  The weather is being very cooperative, it 
was in the sixties and very pleasant. 

The dogs are tired tonight and I am ready to veg too, since we have to get up at 5 to drive to the dialysis center.  

I'm going to try to go to the lake on Thursday afternoon to take some pictures of the wild geese there, and make another trip to my friend's to get a "chicken fix" and take some pictures of her flock. 

Now, for Game Six! 


  1. Such pretty pictures! Love Lilly. She's such a pretty girl. Glad Keith is feeling better. Hope he doesn't over-do.

  2. We love your photos Mary Ann,,
    Glad the dogs are up to date on shots too . And their nails? Oh and the callous on Lilly?
    Your camera takes such beautiful photos!
    We love the dried flowers,
    Its good to see Keith feeling like being out and doing what he is doing.

  3. Lilly looks like such a sweetheart.
    Glad to see Keith out and about.

  4. How was the score? I checked earlier and it 6/0. Hope they won.

    I have the same look as Jester when i go to the doctor.

  5. Mary Ann,

    Great pictures of the dogs. I agree get the shots needed especially since Lepto is around.

    Keith looks great, don't over work there!!!!

  6. That camera does take some wonderful pictures. I loved seeing all of them and am glad to see that Keith is up and out and doing so much better.

  7. Jester doesn't look too thrilled to be at the vets ...:)
    Lily Ann is a beautiful girl.

    Glad Keith was feeling better.

    Your pictures are great Mary Ann. I think you've got the hang of that camera.

    lol...I know all about the cuckleburrs. Horrible things. I pulled a bunch up out of the dog pens and chicken pens before they formed the burrs. That's the way I've finally gotten rid of the weed for H.E.double Hockey Sticks too that use to come up in the gardens. Pulling them out before they made the jillion seeds on the seed heads.

  8. Mary Ann you are getting better and better wif your camera! Maybe you should come take OUR pictures. Yesterday must have been vet day! How is lily's boo-boo?
    stella rose


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