Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trying Out the Big Girl Camera

These pictures would make you think that I never go to the 
hospital... I  spent a long day there today, but the poor dogs are so 
crazy to get out and run when I get home, I load them right up. 

First off this morning,  I went to see Paiton in her first ever kindergarten program. 

Paiton and her friend Diana, who sits at her table. 

The kids were so excited when parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles came in for the program.  Kudos to Piper Elementary...we had to be on a list before we could even attend... and we had to sign in at the office before we were allowed into the school proper. 

The kids did several very cute skits to Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. 

I enjoyed it very much! 

Then on to the hospital, where Keith started dialysis today. 

He will have to go back to the hospital in a few weeks to have a permanent 
port put in for it, and we have to learn to live in a whole new world. 
He spent an exhausting day, and tomorrow, the liver specialist 
will drain his abodmen, finally... but he is facing another procedure there in a 
few weeks.  

To say this is daunting is to say the least... I am worried up one side and down the other, but we will learn to live with everything.'s where the Big Girl Camera came in... I had so much fun while the dogs ran: 

My favorite tree!  It's starting to turn! 
I'm going to have to go out for the next several days. 

Same pasture, different perspectives. 

I'm getting there, little by little! 

We are hoping that Keith is going to be allowed to come home on Saturday... but that depends on several things.  The hospital coordinator is trying to get him set up on a dialysis schedule at a facility fairly close to us... and the payments approved through the VA.  We had hoped to avoid this until some time in the future, but remember, when God closes a door, He opens a window.  

I'm expecting the Bluebird of Happiness to fly through it soon! 


  1. Sure hope Keith gets to come home this weekend. God will come through!

    The big girl camera does capture beautiful pics but it's really all about the lighting & it being behind or sideways from it. Never from the rear, unless you are a super good photographer, which I am not. Have fun getting used to using the new camera & just have fun. That's the beauty of digital, you can take as many as you like then delete the ones you don't.

  2. Great pics. What kind of camera didyou get?

    Good luck to you both.

    M : )

  3. Dialysis is time consuming but hopefully it will help him feel a whole lot better. Think of all the books he can read (or baseball games he can watch)

  4. You take the best photos ever!! Just look at all the beauty in the autumn!
    And of course were cheering Keith on!

  5. I hope things go well for Keith. I know it must be daunting, hang in there, hopefully it will make him feel a whole lot better.

    I really like the images from your new camera. What kind is it?

  6. I'll continue with the prayers and trust that all will be for the best. I love the pictures. Fall is really showing off especially there for you this year.

  7. poor keith and you! i hope he can come home this weekend. lily is so beautiful!

  8. Furst those little girls are so cute, what sweeties, and WHAT a great job you are doing with your camera...I am so proud of you for using it...apparently my mom's camera is on a hiatus cos she is not using it taking any pictures of us, she toles us and toles us she would be we are still waiting.....we know you and keith will work this this trial also.
    stella rose and mom

  9. You have such a positive outlook and that helps when things are going to pieces.

    Love the pictures you took with the B.G. camera. Turned out great.

    Paiton is precious. Glad the school was on their toes too.

    Please try and have a happy weekend.

    p.s., love the pic of Lily Ann with her tail up looking at you

  10. I am glad to hear they are sorting it out with Keith. So much to handle for you both! Will Keith be able to retire now? I am loving your big girl camera and what a glorious time of year to use it! Prayers going up for you.


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