Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Weekend

We had quite the weekend. 

Cleaning up all the construction debris, and Troy came over today and cut the yard... it looked beautiful!  
Keith is out there taping off the windows for painting... but... unfortunately, they 
are now forecasting wind for tomorrow, and rain all day long, and through the night. 

So.. we wait.  I'll be here, priming trim in the garage and puttering around the house. 
The old place, though, looks SO MUCH BETTER! 

Here's the kitchen at church this morning, in between shifts of workers... I had just 
"gotten off" after filling coleslaw cups for 2 1/2 hours.  Yikes! 
I couldn't even eat any. 

See the lunches?  Yum! 
Couldn't face the coleslaw, though. 

There were lots of wonderful gift baskets to bid on. 

And the country store was not going to last for long... I took this picture just as the crowd was 
coming in, and people already had sacks and boxes of homemade jams, pickles, other baked goods, and handsewn goodies. 

I went from the bazaar to the birthday (with a stop at home to eat our turkey dinners with Keith). 

The birthday boy Jax, and the birthday girl, Paiton, are not twins, though people think they are. 
Jax and Paiton are one year and three days apart. 
Doomed to celebrate together! 

Jax turned seven, and Paitie, six. 

The slugger got his new bat! 

And Paiton, a doll house.  

I ran home to get these guys, because they had been in the last four or five days with little exercise.  
How they ran and ran and ran.  

Lil has a large callus on her leg... can you see it?  It's time for a visit to Dr. Scott. 

This little guy minds so well... Jester spent his first three years being a house dog, who had a big yard, but never went anywhere.  He LOVES to run full tilt boogie in the pasture, and we went over to Troy and Kathy's and they ran and ran over there. 

The tree that split this summer. 

A closer look. 

Troy has cut up a lot of it already... and he will be burning this wood after it cures. 
See the sycamore down on the fence in the upper left of this picture?  It is also 
cut up... he is still working on it... and he told me today he will pull the fence fabric up and re-staple it when he has the tree finished.  

That's a relief. 

He is truly the best neighbor one could have. 

These folks have a haunted house in their barn every year... and their front yard... I will try to get a shot of it... it is full of Halloween things. 

And the Halloween Grinch was in Basehor, on the way home, and made me laugh. I had to stop and take a picture, of course. 

I snapped this on my way home from church last night, and leave you with this beautiful image for the evening! 


  1. Looks like a good, full, satisfying week-end; I'm happy for you!

  2. It looks like a wonderful weekend for you! That last picture of the tree is a beautiful way to end.

  3. Mary Ann,

    The old place looks really good, soon you'll be done and then no more worries about it.

    What a beautiful lunch at the church, looks like all kinds of work there my friend.
    Happy Birthday to Jax and Paiton

  4. Thanks for all the sharing Mary Ann. Great pics.

    Nice neighbors are a true blessing.


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