Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Things I see coming home from the hospital: 

The Kaufman Performing Arts Center, 
home of the symphony, the opera and the ballet in KCMO

A Royals Banner at the top of Signal Hill (where Fox 4 is) 

The view from the top of the 12th street viaduct in KCMO, looking down towards 
the West Bottoms, and Kansas City, Kansas, in the distance. 
I have driven up and down this bridge thousands of times in my working career. 
Kemper Arena is off to the left at the foot of the bridge down there, where I ushered and 
took tickets for 16 years.  Sadly, they are discussing tearing it down. 
There used to be lots of old buildings along these two blocks before the bridge. 

31 miles of these kinds of trees make the journey better. 

I took the dogs out to run again when I got home... I confess I have to come home before rush hour, because the speeding traffic scares me.  
See that green tree in the distance, in the center of the picture?  It is just beginning to turn, 
and I have been waiting for it.  It's the Creme de la Creme of October trees. 

And this last picture, you ask? 

Well, it's kind of funny... I just took the trash out for it's pickup in the morning. 
This is our neighbor's house, and I noticed as I came up the street tonight 
that it is all decorated for Halloween!  There are figures standing by the door (you can't see them here) and it is all lit up. 
It is the only one on the block. 

These are the neighbors who have NEVER spoken to us... the man has literally passed me within three feet on the riding mowers, and never acknowledged me.  I was stunned to see this, stunned. 
I don't think I've seen his wife in 6 months. 

I'm still stunned.  I admit it. 

Keith did not have a good night last night... and he is facing a lot of big decisions in the next few days.  We are hoping to have him home by the end of the week.  
I'll try to stop posting pictures of the pasture once I have him home and resting. 

Thank you all so much for your prayers and good thoughts! 


  1. You and Keith are on my thoughts and prayers Mary Ann. I hope that Keith is home and feeling better soon.

  2. Hoping Keith gets better soon.
    Your camera does a fantastic job! Very good photos.
    Get some rest Mary Ann

  3. This sounds awful, but I suspect we know who owns your neighbor's soul. I hope the Lord gives Keith the wisdom to make the right decisions, since nearly everything has an up-side and a down-side.

  4. Continues well wishes for Keith, and for you.
    May the Lord guide you at this time and bless you.

    It's fun to see the pictures from the area where you are. Sad to read about the city tearing down old buildings.


  5. I wouldn't like driving in the traffic either and you are very smart to avoid it. The view of the trees is so pretty this time of year that it would be a pleasant sight to see when out and about. Hope your Keith does get to come home soon, for both your sakes.

  6. I'm sorry he had a bad night. More prayers sent to you two.

    That's weird about the neighbors. lol....my neighbor who my sister BJ calls "Ernest T. Bass" (from Andy Griffith) is too friendly at times.

    That's one thing I won't miss when I retire. The 75 or more miles I drive a day.

  7. Continuing prayers for ya'll. We have one set of neighbors like that. When they moved in I stopped to deliver some muffins, no one answered the door, even though I think at least 1 or 2 family members were home. They have lived there for about 4 years now. The oldest son waves & sometimes the parents but not often.

  8. sorry to hear keith had a rough night. i sure hope they can get him feeling better soon!


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