Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saving Your Seeds

Some of you may remember that my friend Georgie, 
Tweedle's mama, sent me some seeds for our new yard this year, as 
a housewarming gift. 

Those beautiful zinnias and marigolds grew on our 
patio all summer, 

The marigolds later burst into huge blooms. 

So... this morning, I had this: 

In it, were these: 

Now, I was 17 in the Summer of Love... but THIS IS NOT POT.  (laugh)

This is a bag full of zinnia flower heads. 

I pulled each head out individually and rubbed the seeds off them. The heads must be dry for this to work well. 

This one is almost finished. 

And now it is. 

I had about a half of an envelope of seeds when I was finished, and yes, there 
was a little debris in there with them. 

I have some more in a bucket that I will work on tonight, while I am watching tv.  When I have them all in the envelope, I'll 
seal it and put them in the garage downstairs, where they will stay cool this winter. 

Some of these will go to friends, but I am envisioning a huge bed of 
flowers along the fenceline next year.  

I'll be getting seeds from the marigolds as they dry, and also, from the portulaca that 
I grew on the patio, too.  

Do you save your seeds? 


  1. We always loved portulaca--never knew where it would show up. We even had stray sprouts in the yard years later :-)

    A sunny flower bed along the fence sounds awesome! Zinnias, marigolds and portulaca reseed so easily to keep it going.

  2. I have. Do you need some cone flower seeds? I had an amazing crop this year.

    I love rock moss as Terri mentioned but don't have very good luck with it.

    1. Portulaca are succulents that love heat and drought. The seeds are tiny and need little or no soil cover when planting. Not-too-rich soil, full sun, good drainage and some neglectful watering round out their preferred environment. We grew our double moss rose in a large wooden planter box.

  3. Oh the flowers grew so happily at your new home!! Just look at them!
    I have never seen the drying process,,,, oh thats like magic!
    Yes next year you will have lots and lots,,,, and you can share tooo..
    thats what love is all about--- sharing!

  4. I have saved seeds and have shared them with others too. Just did so recently with one of my friends. Hope you have a great day. Happy Thursday!

  5. Yep, were seed savers this side of that pond too. Well done Georgie for passing on those beautiful blooms :-) x

  6. What a good idea since the bugs eat our plants
    Lily & Edward

  7. I have saved vegetable seeds, but not flower seeds.

  8. I save some. Should probably save more.

    I'm definitely saving some of my okra from this year. I told the hubby that I picked 10 pods (could not believe it) off of some of the plants yesterday. I've never had any like these before.


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