Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Game of Another Kind

This afternoon, after a doctor's visit, 
I was finally able to see Jacob play football. 

Jacob is at Clark Middle School in Bonner Springs, Ks., and 
I have been unable to see any of his games this year for 
one reason or another. 

I made it to today's. 

I had forgotten about cheerleaders! 

There were fourteen of them, and I had so much fun watching them. 

It was a beautiful afternoon after our rainy day yesterday... but oh, so windy! 

Our boy is number 3.  He does not get a lot of playing time, but 
he made a tackle here and the stands came alive with screams of
"Way to go Jacob!"  I was so happy for him. 

I sent him a text after the game, and told him how well he had played.  I asked if he 
had heard every one yelling for him, and he said yes, and thank you! 

This is where he spent a lot of his game time. 

This was the final score... the Braves won against the Basehor-Linwood Bobcats. 
They have not won many games this year, so I was glad to be there. 

Jake has one more game next Tuesday, and I plan to make that one, too. 

Jax's baseball game was rained out, the fields are soaked. 

Here's my old friend again. 

And two more across from the park.  I rushed home from the game, and loaded Lilly and Jester to go for a walk at the park.  The squirrels were running back and forth, and Lilly was pulling my arm out of it's socket, so I did not get pictures of them. 

But, as you can see... the Basehor Community Garden has just about been 
put to bed for the winter. 

Tomorrow, I'll share with you some planting I'm doing myself around here! 


  1. So glad you went to the game Mary Ann,, and had such a good time!! The weather looked perfect!
    And then you went to the park with Jester and Lilly! Yay!! I am sure their hearts were thanking you.
    And good job for going to the dr too.

  2. It must have meant a lot to your grandson for you to be there, more than he can probably express. I am so glad for you both that you were able to watch him play and do well.

    Our grandchildren are amazing blessings, aren't they ?

    Jester & Lilly look like a pair of horses I would love to visit too.

  3. Great post and great photos! Thank you.

  4. I actually got my fall garden in this year. I'm hoping for cabbage, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, turnips and collards!


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