Sunday, September 28, 2014

Catching Up for the Weekend

This weekend has flown by! 

Yesterday, grandson Jacob helped me get the mulch spread at the old house. 

What a difference two young hands make.... he spread, and I raked.  We finished the south bed. 

We did not have time to go get the hay that I am going to spread on 
the backs of the two long flower beds.  We DID dig up 
the last vegetable bed. 

We made it a short day, because Jacob kindly agreed to be my date 
for the Fab Four at the Midland Theater in downtown 
Kansas City, Missouri. 

I ran the elevator at the Midland for four very happy years in the past, 
and worked with a great group of people there. 
I also ushered and took tickets there, so was in and 
out of the theater often for a long while. 

The new theater managers have removed the top deck of seats and made a false floored seating area 
anchored by a bar under a huge chandelier.... this floor has glass sides, and is standing room only. 
We rode up in the elevator to see it, but as Jake approached the glass side... it made me dizzy and I had to snap a picture quickly and get away from there!  That area was not in use last night.

Jacob had never been to a concert, he is thirteen, soon to be fourteen, and an eighth
grader.  His life is family and sports.  This was a good concert to start him out on... 
there were a LOT of grandchildren in the audience.... listening to all the good Beatles tunes. 

(I love this picture of him) 

The Midland is a beautiful old theater, isn't she? 
Built in 1927, it was part of the Loew's chain, but she 
has hosted live Broadway plays on tour for years, and for 
many years, the annual Nutcracker performances were here. 

Concerts, as well. 

I had been looking forward to this concert for months. 

Here's Gavin Pring and Ron McNeil as George Harrison and 
John Lennon, respectively. 

I liked the fact that the band changed up their program and did different 
numbers from the last four times they have appeared here. 

Neil Candelora filling in for Ardy Sarraf as Paul McCartney, and
MAN was he good! 

And, sorry for the blurry picture... Erik Fidel as Ringo. 

This band encourages the audience to make pictures and videos of their performances...
Jacob was on the end of the row, and I asked him to hold my camera and make some... but, 
God bless him, they are bouncing around EVERYWHERE (laughing here). 

I got very few actually in focus. 

There are four costume changes in this show. 

Back to the blur. 

Jacob took some, too... and sent them to my phone. 

So, they snuck "Kansas City" in on us, and 
the crowd went wild. 

And... I tried to load it, and Blogger couldn't do it! 

Maybe next year! 

As this was a benefit for KCPT, our local public television station... it was all for a good cause. 

Keith has put up some more siding today, and I am 
getting set up to prime and paint the trim in our garage here at the new house... so things are moving along.  Pictures to come this week. 

It was so good to have a blast from the past. 


  1. We love your blast from the past Mary Ann! What a wonderful time,, and we could see Jacob was enjoying being there!!
    We love those old songs too!
    After a hard days workfrom both of you,,,,- you bothmust have been exhaugsted!
    Yay for the good times! The photos are wonderful- thank you for sharing!

  2. Sounds like fun. I enjoy the Beatles songs.

    M :)

  3. That theater is grand and so are the pictures of your grandson. How nice you could take his to his first concert.

  4. Glad he helped you get that hard work done.

    I know all about dizzy. I woke up to a bout of Vertigo on Sat. Still having moments with it even today.

  5. Oh we loved that special picture of your grandson, aren't they a blast at that glad he came and helped his grandma out, and then you got to go on a date.
    stella rose and momma


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