Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back to Work

A dog's life is sure hard. 

I didn't even get the pillowcase on it. 
All I have to do is say I'm going to bed, and Jester beats me 
to it every night. 

I had to run up to Fort Leavenworth to pick up prescriptions yesterday morning, 
and this arrangement was on the receptioin desk.  The lady manning the desk... it seems like 
they change every time I am there... told me that a former employee comes in regularly with seasonal decorations.  I thought these two (there was another) were nice. 

So, I ran to Leavenworth this morning to Home Depot to get mulch.  It's only the start. 
This was 15 bags. 

Mulch should really be applied at least two inches thick.  
I started parceling it on, and then I realized I was 
going to have to pour.  

Fifteen 2 cubic foot bags bearly covered 2/3 of the bed.  I still have some gaps to 
fill in, and at the back, by the bushes, I am going to put a heavy layer of straw. 
I need to save some money somewhere. 

I am going to have to dig out the bed behind this, just like I did the south beds last week. 
There is just too much mint in that bed behind this. 

There used to be at least six mum plants in this bed... and I thought this was all that is left... it is a red one. 

Then this morning, I found one tiny little plant in back of a daylilly.  
It is also going to bloom, but I can't tell what color.  I am actually going
to transplant this little one to this house. 

My assistants got VERY hot, it was 86 degrees. 

This one, too. 

I thought this was an apple on the patio.  It was huge.  

It was a walnut!

I hope you can see the thorns on this stuff.  I do not know WHAT it is, and thank 
heavens I was paying attention, because those thorns were wicked.  I dug it up and carried it by the root.  It is going into a bag and into the trash can, I don't want it around. 

I had other helpers, too. 

There were probably 15 bumblebees on the caryopteris bush next to this, and I leaned over 
by them digging and pulling weeds out... numerous times.  Not one bee bothered me, they 
went about their business. 

The plan for the rest of the day is to go back to Leavenworth to buy some 
more mulch and take it out tomorrow afternoon.  Jacob will be helping me on Saturday, which will speed things along, but I want the mulch bought before then so that I don't have to deal with the Saturday crowds.  

More pictures tomorrow. 


  1. You are always so busy working...just like those bees.
    stella rose

  2. He's such a cute boy.

    I don't know what that thorny thing is, but I'm glad I haven't seen them at the house.

    All the flowers are pretty.

  3. It seems like most of the time when I visit your blog, you are always busy, busy, busy - but I would much rather be busy like I see here than sitting here at work in front of a computer all day. Looks like Jester and Lilly are tuckered out good - yes, it NEEDS to get cooler for Cider Days this Saturday in Topeka - so many arts and crafts and some good food too :)
    Mom Kim

  4. did i miss something but is jester yours now? he sure fits in! you are getting there! things are looking good. 86...phewwww! i thought 78 was bad here. where is my fall weather? we are so dry and will be in the 70's and 80 for 2 weeks. i am not happy!

  5. Gosh Mary Ann,, you really need a truck load of that mulch! You just keep going and going and going.

  6. You are such a hard worker! I think it is beautiful now. I like all of your helpers.

  7. They say those butterflies are heading south for the winter now. I saw one here just a few days ago. Monarchs migrate to Argentina I believe. I maybe wrong but remember reading something like that. Someone will be getting a very nice place when you rent it out. You are really fixing everything up nice. It's great you have such good helpers there!

  8. You are really doing the place up proper. Love that first photo. And see? The bees aren't so bad once they aren't protecting their hive.


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