Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Decorations

At the little house, I used to cram the decorations in... every season.  
More was better. 

Now, I have this huge house... and I am being restrained.  Go figure. 

In the old days, I would have crammed all three shelves full.  Restraint, Mary Ann, restraint. 

The jack o'lantern is up early, because I still don't have a lamp for that side table. 

I decided to try to use things I already had... the beautiful chocolate pot 
that my friend Mary gave me... the little gold hen, I got at an auction (in the middle)
and the little sign on the left reads "Live Within Your Harvest".  Good advice. 

The little owl on the mantel is new, but the biscuit jar, pail and flowers are not.  Neither are the two pictures (one out of sight to the right). 

These little guys greet you as you come in the door. 

And this swatch of "leaves" on the china cabinet is the only other touch of 

Of course, we haven't made it to Halloween YET.  


Hope you enjoyed the tour! 


  1. It all looks lovely and welcoming, Mary Ann! I don't decorate for anything but Christmas, and do little besides a tree then. Too many other things to fill my time, I guess. :-)

  2. I like your decorations. They look so bright and cheerful!

  3. That's okay, because they are putting XMAS out in the stores now. Earlier and earlier I tell you.

    Looks beautiful. We don't decorate. Never have company and if we did they are not allowed past the kitchen :) if they are show up and the house has not been cleaned to perfection.

  4. We love this time of year and the fall decorations. So purrty
    Lily & Edward

  5. i love seeing peoples decorations! it is all so pretty. the older i get, the simpler i decorate.

  6. I love your furniture...momma loves that blue/black table in that first picture, she said it would look good in the familyroom!!! Lovely decorations.
    stella rose

  7. We love it when people take the time to enjoy the season,,, to breathe each of them in,, to celebrate them.. and that is what we are doing for you,,, because your trying to celebrate the season!
    Happy Fall!

  8. Looking very Festive and Fall-ish!! So pretty!! I am particularly fond of your owl :) -Tammy


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