Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Last Three Days

Do any of you remember how hard I worked in June, pulling mint and cutting trees out of the 
north flower bed? 

This was it two days ago. 


Here it is as of 2 PM this afternoon.  I have most of the trees out of this end. 

AND pulled a ton of mint out of it. 

Here's the rest of it. 

I did not have this problem before because every spring, I dug the trees out 
and mulched these beds heavily.  I did not mulch this year. 

Well, I did, sort of... I used straw.  

I'll be working on this half on Monday. 
I am going to dig up some of the daylillies and 
move them over here to the new house, into some 
half barrels, to live until spring. 

This is the only one of the vegetable beds I did not heavily mulch with straw. 
All of them were pretty clean, the few weeds came right out. 

This one has the bristly greenbrier in it, so Monday afternoon, I'll start digging it out. 
I think the greenbrier is pretty dead.

Then dirt... and straw on top. 

This was the only one of the vegetable beds that was covered... in morning glory. This pulled right out. 

Pretty, but sucking the life blood out of everything. 

Grandson Jake was helping me, and pulling ivy out of the fence lines. 

He's going to do some more of that in two weeks. 

I took Jacob home, and the family was getting ready to go to the Royals game tonight, so he 
was hurrying to shower and change.  Paiton and Madison were going to their aunt's house to 
have a sleepover, it was Paiton's first.  
Jax's first "coach-pitch" baseball game is tomorrow,

The dogs and I went to the park after church so they could have a late - afternoon walk 
after spending most of the day inside.  Hopefully tomorrow they will get out to the 
old place and get to run some energy off. 

Keith will work at the old house tomorrow while I go to the circus... yes, another circus. 
We can't have too many in our lives! 


  1. What fun to have a circus to go to. I'd say you deserve a day off after dealing with all the weeds. Nice helper you had there! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. oh, i feel for you cause I spent tons of time this weekend, pulling, weeding, whacking limbs and spraying

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your journey and dealing with all the weeds. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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