Monday, September 8, 2014


We had a visit from the big boys today. 

I've said it before and will say it again... the Leavenworth County road crews are the BEST! 

They tidied up in front of our mailbox, too. 

This is what greets me now when I come home from an errand. 

I wish I could show you the jumping... he can make it airborne past that 
upper window. 

I cut grass this afternoon... this is our wet area... I don't cut through it because 
it would tear the mower up.  I forgot to tell you all, but last week when I cut, a rabbit came hopping out of the high grass and hopped away.  I am going to sprinkle wildflowers seeds in this 
area... I will NOT be popular with my neighbors. 

And then, we went out to the farm for more.... weed chopping! 

See those stumps??? They are SO TREACHEROUS.  I have tried to 
go back and cut as many of them down to the ground as I could. 

Something has been sleeping under Beau's favorite tree. 

See how nice the pasture grew back this year?  I am so glad to see this, 
because whomever rents the place will get a nice place for their animals. 

Here come the clouds, bringing the storms for tomorrow.  

Back at the new house... the zinnias are almost finished, but for some reason... there is a sudden bloom of these beautiful dark magenta ones.  

There are still lots of buds to bloom, though. 

September 8th is the Full Harvest Moon.  The Harvest Moon is the full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox and is bright enough to allow finishing all the harvest chores.   In early days, when farmers had no tractors, it was essential that they work by the light of the moon to bring in the harvest.  This moon is the fullest moon of the year.  When you gaze at it, it looks very large and gives a lot of light throughout the entire night.  No other lunar spectacle is as awesome as the Harvest Moon

I took this bit of information from MA's blog, "On the Bright Side", which is on 
our sidebar daily.   Indeed, I have taken some shots tonight of the beautiful moon with Keith's camera... and I'll see how they have come out in the morning. 

Tomorrow brings storms... and we still need the rain. 

Power of the Paw and prayers are requested tonight for 
little Greta, from The Idaho Pug Ranch, who ate a mushroom at 
Dogapallooza over the weekend, and has been extremely ill since. 
Her family is very, very worried about her, and she is 
staying with the vet as they try to figure out how best to help her. 

Prayers requested, please. 


  1. Here we are to visit and say hello..
    I knew lots of work is going on- and I am right!!
    We are keeping the Power of the Paw thoughts going for Greta!! I know all of blogville is doing the same.

  2. oh no...poor greta! i hope she will get better. we could not see the moon because of the cloud cover. i am hoping for rain. we sure need it!

  3. How nice to have your little friend at the window to welcome you home. Those Zineas are beautiful. I must plant some next year. They really are a day brightener. Will pray for Greta. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

  4. Mary Ann,

    The moon is beautiful, even this morning so large and bright.
    I remember farmers working out in their fields using the Harvest Moon as light to get the job done.
    Prayers being sent out for little Greta.

  5. My little dog Alley is a bouncer too. I can't believe how high some of them can jump. I know Cry Baby can look me in the eye sometimes.

    That's great to have such good road crews. LOL...I saw a County truck with the little ol guy shoveling asphalt out of it yesterday on our road. A far cry from what you guys have.

  6. How fun to see that face in the window when you come home! I have seen a lot of moon shots on Facebook.


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