Monday, September 22, 2014

Little Things

This plane buzzed our house at least 12-15 times this morning. 

I don't know if he knew I was filming him, but he went round and round, way south 
over Basehor, and then back to us.  He turned around above our back yard.  Keith estimated he was maybe 150 feet off the ground. 

I tried to get a better picture with the Nikon... I still have not learned how to use it right. 

Closer, but not clearer!  

I'm learning, little by little. 

As I was standing waiting for him by the side of the house, I looked up to see 
a beautiful spider web. 

Thank heavens I looked before I grabbed the hummingbird feeder off the pole. 
This is the very first wasp I've seen this summer. 
I'm so glad I didn't grab the wasp. 

I left it to eat.. and I'll be very careful now. 

I have noticed in the last few days that not as many birds are eating as normal... I'm sure it's because they have abundant feed right now. 

While I was down there, I noticed that the caladiums and impatiens are finally losing their vitality... after all, it's the first day of fall! 

(from the web) 

And finally, if you can stand to watch... 
here's the plane on my little Canon coming at me... be sure to turn the sound up! 

(stick with it, the plane really DOES come into view!) 

And lastly... Keith is back in the hospital again for a couple of days... and we could sure use some extra prayers for him!  

Happy Fall! 


  1. What a pretty spider web! You caught it just right in your photo. I love to watch airplanes...they continue to fascinate me, even after 4? years. There's a small airport near us, and occasionally we see a little airplane doing stunts. I'm glad to watch, and glad to be on the ground. Thinking of you and Keith and prayers for him to be healthy and home again soon.

  2. We have one that flies around us sometimes. I think the guy just has a route he must take and it comes over our house.
    lol....maybe it's the only way he can find his way back to land.

    I'll be praying for Keith.

  3. i will keep keith in my thoughts and i hope he will be well again soon!

  4. Prayers coming you way.

    Wasps have been plentiful here and more aggressive than usual.

    Bonnie got stung one day sticking her nose to a nest. Amazingly the other dogs ran in, attacked the nest and destroyed it.

    Great pictures.

  5. Sorry to hear Keith is back in the hospital. I will be praying for him. May the dear Lord bless him with healing and good health.

  6. So sorry to hear Keith is back on the hospital. You guys really did do the right thing moving in to town. Think you will ever know what the plane was doing?

  7. You are getting better with that camera. I am praying that Keith gets better.
    stella rose

  8. The plane reminds me of the crop dusting plane in our neighborhood this summer. Can't think what one would be spraying now though. Praying that Keith will be back home soon feeling much better.

  9. Sending healing thoughts to Keith-- lots of them!
    that plane was scary and the wasp tooooo!


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