Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pet Memorial Day

Today is Pet Memorial Day in Blogland... 
and in a way, it makes me sad to remember all those 
who have gone before Lilly and Jester. 

Mama's Little Doll... Hannah Jean 

Our beautiful girls, Abby Lynn on the left, and 
Gertie Lou on the right... how we miss them!

Addie Mae, our very first pug! 

(seen here with puppy Lilly) 

The inimitable Beau the Wonder Pony

Our golden Rambo and all his hens, and all those roosters and hens that came after them. 

All the geese we ever owned

The beautiful, faithful Ranger Boy 

Oscar, our first dog as a married couple... our first dog at Calamity Acres... 
killed by a truck in the road, and buried under Oscar's tree in the front yard. 

We can't forget these guys:

The Nickster

Jennie and Josie

Gwen or fondly,  Gwenly

And we can't forget these guys, either:

Though Tony and Yankee have crossed the bridge, Inca
is still alive and well at Oak Grove Animal Sanctuary

I haven't shown you any of the ducks or turkeys, but we loved them all. 

They still hold a place in our hearts and our memories... 

we were so lucky to know them! 


  1. Mary Ann,, this is a beautiful post!!! Oh we feel how much everyone of these furrys was loved!
    And I got to thinking were also remembering all the furrys that lived here at the old farm house- way before me!

  2. Sweet babies all of them. Oh Mary Ann, if I did a memorial it would be so long. We've had lots of critters and many of them were on a last leg when we got them.

    Take care,

  3. Oh Mary Ann we so enjoyed those pictures!! Thank you for sharing their stories with us.
    stella rose

  4. I came back to look at their little faces again.

  5. That's a good collection of images of the pets with long lasting memories. Memorial Pets believe to preserve such memories by creating Online webpage of your pet and share their pictures, videos and other stuff with friends and family.


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