Wednesday, September 3, 2014

100 Years Young

Today is my beautiful mother's 100th birthday! 
Though she left us 6 years ago next month, 
she lives on in our hearts.  My brother Mike, on the left, is gone now, too... 
and Pete is holding on in the nursing home.  I forgot to remind him today when 
I went to see him that it was mom's birthday, how stupid of me! 

This picture was taken while my dad was away in the Navy in 
World War II, for him to remember his family while he was out on the sea. 

Look who is making frequent visits to our yard, in fact, twice today: 

I say it's an adult Coopers Hawk?  Anyone think it's a Sharp-Shinned? 

Keith is worried because he came here twice today (and has come several times before) ... and we don't want him to 
go after Jester.  My guess is he's trying to pick off birds at the feeders. 
Keith also doesn't want owls to start coming, but the little birds will be gone when they are hunting. 

I've been going by these old barns almost daily, there is another, larger old barn behind them.  I don't want the people who live there to think I am stalking them, when I am really just stalking their barns. 

Guess who got to go see Dr Tom today?  He had his nails clipped, and 
is now scheduled for his neutering and full panel of shots on the 25th.  He looks to be in excellent health, and we found out his whelping date was December 6, 2011, so he will be three years old this year. 

Lilly is slowly, slowly, coming around.  

Brother Pete was looking good today, and even though I am no longer a good highway driver... it was so good to sit and visit with him for a while.  I just can't believe I forgot to remind him of mother's birthday! 

Everywhere we go in Leavenworth County, this is the site we see.  It was a banner year for hay, and I hope all of our friends are able to get enough to take their animals through the winter.  I know a friend at church told me they must have 2200 bales, large and small, to feed during the winter... GOSH... I'm so glad we never had to worry about that much hay! 

I hope you who need to get your hay in are having dry weather and not too hot weather at that!


  1. What a nice picture of your mother and brothers...she was a beautiful woman!

  2. Is Jester coming to live at your house for good???

    Sure could use some of that abundant hay here. It's expensive this year. We need at least 15 tons a year for horses and sheep.

  3. Your pictures make me want to go for a ride out in the country. I love seeing what the farmers are doing and love old barns too. Hope you have a great day ! Happy Thursday!

  4. She was indeed a beautiful lady.

    Your yard must be in his territory.

  5. Happy birthday to your Mom! What a great picture.

    Is Jester yours or a grand dog? A cutie for sure.

    M : )

  6. I see I am not the only one confused whether Jester is yours or your grand dogs so hopefully you will set all of us straight. He looks like a keeper for sure.


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