Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hot and Humid

After visiting brother Pete this morning, I loaded up my assistants and 
went back out to do some more work at the old place this afternoon. 

Big Mistake. 

It was 96 degrees, must have been 70% humidity, and I was 
reduced to melting within minutes. 

This is what was in the henspa yard, my beautiful henspa. 

That was literally in the gateway.  

A year ago yesterday, same yard 

Jester had a good time exploring, but he finally collapsed next to the bowl of cold well water, and 
waited for me. 

See all the millet growing in there?  It was from the scratch, I'm sure. 

The ground in here has layers and layers of chicken house cleanings.  It's still damp, in fact. 

Look what was hiding in the middle.  It was a huge plant, too. 

I actually think the millet is beautiful.  I cut most of it down, and 
now I'm thinking I should have brought some home for decorations for fall. 
Darn it. 
We are expecting severe storms tonight, and the wind has been howling around the 
house corners all day. 

The assistant farm protector headed for the air conditioning (and my mail) as soon as we got back in the car.  I didn't need to convince Lil, either, who jumped right into the back to come home. 
We'll wait until it cools down tomorrow, we are plunging to the forties for two nights this week. 

This was the weather in Edmonton, Alberta, this morning. 

Thank the Lord we don't live there. 

I snapped this as we drove through the yard, and I see that I need to clean foxtail grass from that bed, which actually is the cleanest of all the beds.  
Love that sedum!  


  1. i thought that was so funny "your assistants"...we haf to assist our mom also or hers would have lots more troubles than she has......we think that Jester is one cute little guy....I bet he is a good helper, it is so chilly here mom said we could wear our sweatshirts.
    stella rose

  2. This hot weather slows down all the help. We are promised cooler by weekend but not as cool as Canada!

    Every thing is looking great.

  3. the pups are too funny! oh good...you are going to cool down! it will be much better weather for working outside.

  4. But wouldn't that temperature reading be in Celsius? If so, that's like 53 degrees to us....

  5. We are to get a big cool down here after today. More than anything the humidity does get to me too. Glad you decided to wait for a cooler day. It's the time of year now to start pulling out the long pants and sweaters but then we can't put the summer stuff away either cause there will still be a few more hot days.

  6. That would look good in a fall arrangement. My MIL use to spray stuff like that with gold/silver paint and put it in the XMAS decorations too.

    Jester knows where the best spot to be int he car is! That is since you won't let him drive :)

  7. Good call to save the millet and use for Fall décor at the new house!

    Sorry it was such a miserable day for working in the yard. You are a trooper!!

    It was very nippy here this morning, and I heard on the weather forecast that there is a possibility for snow in some parts of Colorado!

    Yay!! Fall is here :)


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