Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More of the Same

Well... I got started on it. 

Jester was fascinated by the tomato plant. 

Look!  There were perennials in this bed, too!  I'm not anywhere near finished with it, and 
I don't want to put these weeds on the compost heap, so I'm going to 
ask Keith's advice.  Some of these weeds are choking and very hard to dig out. 

I still have to dig along the wood border at the front, and along the back of the bed. 

We had to take some breaks up on the porch.  It was between 60 and 65 out, so perfect gardening weather.  

My plan is to finish the other side of the bed tomorrow, then dig at the front and backs Thursday, 
and next week, I'll get some dirt and lots of mulch, and make them decent again. 
That's where we'll hold until the house is rented. 

Gail, from At the Farm  asked me last night what 
would happen if we rented to someone that didn't care about flowerbeds. 
Don't think I haven't thought of that, over and over as I have been working. 
I'm going on the advice of the realty agent who looked at the place in July, 
and told me that it is the ideal setup for someone who wants a little place
in the country, and doesn't have to make their own gardens. 

Crossing my fingers! 

I'm also going to bring some of these plants over here to the new house. 

Jester is so glad to be home! 

I don't know if you can hear the cicadas in this little bit... they were singing all around us. 

One of the cicadas!


  1. You are working hard, Mary Ann. I know it will be worth all of the effort. I have to say that I love your header. What a beautiful dog, and his face just looks like he is the sweetest dog ever. Yes, I could hear the cicadas on your video. laurie

  2. It is perfect to be outside weather, I am glad you are back home though and can rest, just reading everything you are doing makes me tired....yawnnnnnnnn....lol....Jester is so cute....stella rose

  3. i worked outside a lot today too. this is the weather to get lots done before it gets too cold. i am trimming trees and need to do it before the leaves fall so i can tell which limbs need to be removed. jester sure looks happy to be home!

  4. Seeing improvements there. Hopefully no matter who you find to take over the old place, hopefully they will be considerate and care about all the work you've been putting in.

  5. It is perfect weather for this work. I do hope you find renters that know what acreage living means. It's not for everyone.

  6. You are really making some great progress!

  7. More good progress!
    Jester looks wiped out.

    M : )

  8. Oh Mary Ann
    I know that everytime you go out to your farm-- your heart just pulls at you... You are working the land that you love,, every inch of it,,,
    Its so hard on you,,, and here you are trying your best to make it look beautiful- so a new family can move in,,
    I know your heart lives there.

  9. i could have sworn I commented on all your posts........oh well, my old timers must have kicked in

    Jester is such a cute boy. I'm glad Lily Ann is starting to get along with him.

    We had some lower temps on Sat. and Sun. but they climbed back up on Monday and all week

    I really enjoyed the cooler weather and got a lot done outside


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