Monday, September 15, 2014

A Good Morning's Work

This is how I left things Saturday in the north bed.  Some trees cut out, and 
starting to pull the mint out.  The mint was rampant. 

This morning, about halfway through.  You see that there 
really ARE garden plants in that bed. 

The wood you see is a box that Keith made years ago for 
mums, we just built the larger bed around three boxes. 

This is about the only part of the callicarpus still growing... it has a huge trunk and 
I don't know how I would ever dig it out.  

The only other viable branch grows through the fence and out the other side.  I am 
not sure if I want to cut it off, or not.  

Lil thought she saw a squirrel. 

And Jester, after having run up and down the pasture several times, was 
just obviously bored with waiting for me.  Instead of laying down, every time I moved, he was around me, and finally gave up and took off to do more exploring, thank heavens. 

This is how the bed looked when I finished. 

I am going to stock up on about 30 bags of mulch... dig up more 
of the bed and turn it over, and then mulch it heavily. 

I had forgotten how many daylillies were in the bed, they were drowned out 
this summer by mint and weeds. 

This was the farthest corner of the bed this morning.  In June, my stepdaughter Andrea 
cut this tree down to the ground. 

I cut it underground this time, I tried to either dig up the smaller trees, or cut them underground and cover them.  This was actually three trees.  

Same corner.  See the pear tree in the background?  It has turned color... but the pear 
tree to it's left... same kind... not only did not bear this year, but has not 
turned red yet.  Odd. 

That's what I start tomorrow.  Oh. Joy. 

These were self-sowed zinnias from seeds from Landreth seeds last year... and 
they are growing strongly, still.  I have decided that I am really going to dig up 
this bed, get the grass out... and then move daylillies and iris over here from the other beds.  
If I can get more perennials in here, it won't grow up as badly. 
Then I'll mulch it heavily, too, and water it a few days.  
By the time the renters move in, it should be good to go. 

(By the time I get them all in shape, I'll want 
to move back..... 

Just kidding, Honey!)  



  1. much work! isn't that the truth? you get it fixed up so nicely you wonder why you moved!

  2. I've decided to get rid of some of my beds because it's too hard keeping them cleaned out. We have had blackberry briar running rampant thru some of them and I'm getting to where I can't keep them cleaned out.

    So I moved the plants I wanted, took down the borders and am letting the grass grow again. Keeping it mowed, helps kill down the unwanted stuff.

    Good job and it's going to be worth it to get them in order.

  3. I was thinking the same did not know there was such a thing as self sowing zinnas......stella roses momma

  4. Such a nice land lord, getting it all ready for the new people. The red Zinnias are just amazing ... maybe you can sneak a few seeds to take with you!!

  5. It's such a satisfying feeling, isn't it, to finally find plants under the weeds?! :) I am wearing your shoes right garden is overwhelming to me. I've been "out of commission" for a month now, with my back. Although I can do housework and some light chores in the barn, I'm not going to be out pulling weeds any time soon. It makes me sick to look at it. My mint went all crazy on me too! I thought I had the roots contained, but they either went over or under..or maybe both, and spread like wild fire. Thankfully my Mom and sister and a friend gave me several hours of their time, to clean up my perennial beds!

  6. Oh look at all the work you did!! Yay,, and of course your helpers Lilly and Jester were a big, big help-- cause ;look how tired they are. You have that place looking so spiffy now. And I bet you are exhaugsted... It just looks beautiful!!!

  7. And what if the renters are not flower lovers?

    It is looking beautiful.

  8. Such pretty zinnias. Everything is looking so neat and tidy.

    Bet you gave your husband a start with your last comment..... ha!


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