Monday, September 29, 2014

So Wonderful Just to be Outside

I went to see Brother Pete this morning, early.  It was 
such a pleasure to be out and about. 
These are unedited pictures, snapped from the car, of course, 
but you'll get the idea. 



Michaele at Sprout'n Wings posted pictures last week 
of the Virginia Creeper turning red in the trees on her farm... 
but our Virginia Creeper is still green... I think this is Poison Ivy already red. 

I didn't have a place to pull over and go over and get a closer look. 

I think in one more week, we are going to have fantastic color.  I'll take the big 
camera out and try to get some pictures of it. 

It's hard to believe that it's almost October! 


  1. The year has flow and I'm not ready to put every thing to bed for winter.

    Have a great evening.

  2. halloween will be here in no time at all. i hate how fast this time of year flies by. i am trying to enjoy every second of it!

  3. We don't have much color here yet.. After the dry summer some of the leaves are just brown. But in a little time I think we will see some beauty also.

  4. It is the poison ivy that is red in the trees around here. I live in dread of it as I'm very allergic and have learned to identify it. It's just been such a beautiful week here that it's been good to get out and about too. Hope your brother is doing well there.

  5. We noticed on sunday our leaves were falling already and changing colors...very pretty around here.
    stella rose

  6. I saw some of the big leaf trees in the pasture are all turning yellow now.

    I know the goldenrod is in full bloom. Got my sinuses all messed up.

  7. Those vines are awesome no matter what they are. I love the reds! Lots of eye candy out there!


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