Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Birthday Boy

Today, we celebrated Jace's third birthday. 

In our family, I have six grandkids, and on Keith's side, we have four. 
His are all very small, and Jace is the oldest. 

He had a blast at his party. 

There was a lot of bouncing going on in that bouncy house... all the kids were barefoot. 
That's Jace on the right and his best friend Eli on the left. 

He had one candle to blow out, the number 3. 

First cousin Brynn, whose birthday we will celebrate in December. 

Little brother Carson, also a December baby. 

And... meet Hayley Kay, our other September baby, 
2 weeks and 2 days old.  

Here she is with her mother Andrea, Keith's oldest daughter.  She is Brynn's little sister, and the baby of our grands on Keith's side 

I JUST made it to the game for Jax, that started at 4:30, and learned 
there that grandson Jacob has broken a finger badly in his football game on Thursday. 

Jax' team this fall is called The Crushers, and he got three nice hits that were caught twice, and he 
made it to first base once,  while the guy running to second was tagged out.  It's a little harder than tee ball, but he has a good attitude and loves to get out on the diamond.  And we love to watch him! 

Son Jim, grand Paiton Raine, and Amy, my Daughter in Law.   These games are 
such a good chance to get together and visit as a family... Amy's mom, Cheryl, was 
just out of sight below her.  

What a lovely Sunday! 

Hope yours was as good!


  1. Oh what a wonderful time you all had. Everyone looks so happy enjoying the sun shine! Happy Birthday Jace!!
    The ball game looks like fun too, Such cute little faces!

  2. What a wonderful day you had. Being with family makes for so much fun! Here it was quiet with no company at all but I just returned home from a week at my youngest son's house and he has a 4 year old boy and a 7 week old baby girl too so I got to spend some quality time as a grand'ma' too. Needless to say I needed the rest I got yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful Monday! It's a chilly one here !

  3. Looks like a great weekend with your loved ones. Cute kids and baby is so sweet.

  4. Those kids are all so cute, and what lovely birthday party....who made the cupcakes they were cool looking. that little baby girl is a doll, it looks like you had a grand weekend.
    stella rose

  5. Happy Birthday Jace!
    Lily & Edward


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