Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where Do the Weekends Go?

Saturday morning saw more baseball... but that will be it for a while, as the 
tiny teams take a break during Fourth of July week, then resume to end the season next week. 

Grandson Jax is still hitting those homers! 

I also accompanied a relative to a birthday party, and got to meet 
a Facebook friend whom I had not seen in 20 years!  It was so good to 
see you, Loretta, and meet your husband Mark while you are here visiting from Houston. 

Kind of a dark picture, the light was very dim.  I had my mouth going, as 
usual.  Notice the Birth Control Glasses???  I took my frames to a Walmart to be 
tightened last week... and the little girl warned me if I had not bought them at Walmart, I had no recourse if anything happened to them.  When I asked her to make them a little tighter... they broke. 

She taped them back together so I could get home, and I was pretty dismayed, since I am not on Keith's vision insurance until this fall. 

However... the next day, I was at a different Walmart and inquired as to whether the 
eye doctor there was taking walk ins.  In the course of the conversation, the clerk asked if she could look at my glasses.  She then proceeded to try at least 50 pairs, until she found a pair of frames that fit my lenses.  Yes... they look like the glasses the Army used to issue in black or brown to soldiers in the 80's and 90's (Hence, BCGs, Birth Control Glasses, meaning no one would look at you) but the cool thing is the frames are two-toned, and come in red, blue, green or purple.  I chose purple, for the Piper Pirates!  YAYYY team!

However, it was so good to see Loretta and Mark that I forgot about the glasses! 

The caladiums in the wash tubs are looking beautiful! 

And the impatiens are coming into their second blooms.  

We have had rain off and on all weekend, including several storms. 

Keith cut the grass for us last night, saving me a long ride on the mower... 
thanks Honey... and I would not have been able to cut the already long grass 
today because it's so wet. 

Here are the puppies that I have had the privilege of watching grow over these past nine weeks.  I am 
caring for them at noon today and will see them together for the last time.  They are out of 
champion English Pointers, and two will be going to their new homes pretty quickly here. 

They have been just a wonderful delight to take care of, and to watch grow.  
Sandy, Shandy, Austin and Billy... I will always remember how you brightened my summer! 

Yes, folks, we have had our first disaster in the new house. 

Yesterday I laid down to take a nap, and put a load of sheets in.  I woke up when I heard some odd noises, and called out to see if it was Keith, and if he were okay. 

Nothing... so I fell asleep again. 

When I awoke, the floor was awash, clear into our bedroom, and to the top of the basement stairs.  I spent a long time sopping it all up with every towel we owned. 

Two hours later, Keith put the mower away and came in through the basement, and found this.  
The ceiling in both this room and the room behind the divider is ruined... the carpets were all wet... as you see, part of the ceiling fell, and the ceiling in the back room is all wet... 
and the closet upstairs in the main bedroom is also wet. 

What a mess! 

Keith has called the insurance company, and an adjuster will be calling sometime today, thank heavens. 

At least Keith will not have to think of putting the new drywall up... the insurance will cover that, but still, his "Man Cave" is a mess right now.  

That's about it for today... I am planning on going out and working for a SHORT time in the gardens tomorrow at the old place.  Little by little......


  1. I can say that mess looks very familiar Mary Ann. So sorry to hear that happened on top of ya'll trying to get the other house ready to rent.

    I'm glad you found some frames for your lenses. That saved some bucks for right now.

  2. Oh my dawg!! That goodness your weekend was good at least
    Lily & Edward

  3. At least the weekend sounds restful but my goodness that mess looks like a lot of work. Glad you have coverage for it. The heat here is terrible. Take care if you go out to work in the gardens.

  4. Happy for you that you were able to meet up with an old friend.
    Sorry about the flood, and ruined ceilings; hope that they will be fixed up in no time at all.
    Keep up the good work at the old place... soon you'll be done :)

  5. weekends do go by wayyyy to fast, your flowers are getting so pretty!!!! I cannot believe that washer made such a big mess...geeze!
    stella rose's momma

  6. Well, as they say-"when it rains it pours." Couldn't resist. : )

    Hope the insurance adjuster has good news. Sorry about tbis.

    M :)

  7. Mary Ann,

    It's great meeting up with friends you haven't talked with in ages.
    Sorry to hear about your glasses. In the past, I've used Eyeglass Direct out of NY via the internet to have my old frames fitted with a new prescription. It worked out well, wasn't expensive, and had my glasses the next week. They also have frames, it maybe worth checking out??? Just a thought!!
    Oh dear, did y'all have a leak on the ceiling or did your water heater cause this problem?
    a new prescription.

  8. Sorry to hear that you had such a hard time getting frames for your lens. I don't understand why there isn't better customer service.
    Also sad to hear about your ceiling! Lets hope the adjuster says it is covered under your insurance policy.Hopefully that will be all fixed without a hitch!

    The puppies are adorable!!

  9. You sound pretty chipper for having such a disaster in your house! I would be a blubbering mess, I'm afraid.

  10. were happy that the Wallmart gal tried to help you out,,,, the glasses are cool--- so no worrys!! You can see now!
    Thank goodness Keith helped with the mowing
    yes, like they say- when it rains - it pours,,
    here is to hoping the insurance company takes care of the mess


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