Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Ear of Corn

Eat your hearts out, people.  I have ONE EAR of corn growing.  (laugh)
This is the volunteer by the deck at the old place. 

I stopped by after church today... I had not been there since we left so 
fast to get Keith to the hospital last Saturday. 

I have a mess to clean up inside... paint cans, drywall scraps, insulation, etc. etc. 
We still need to get staples out of the floor and then paint it with Kilz. 

I have one room left to paint over again.  

Odds and ends. 

We have found someone to do the carpentry because Keith is not 
going to be able to do it. 

As soon as this baby is ripe, it's going into the boiling pot. 

This is the south flower bed.  You can no longer see the flowers in it, the weeds went nuts this last week.  Neighbor Troy is going to cut the weeds down in the bed behind it... and I am going to get busy this week once I know what the schedule is for the reconstruction repairs at our new house (from the water leak). 

There were still a few daylillies blooming in the weed cover. 

The pear tree is not only ripening, but the leaves are beginning to change color.  It's a little too early. 
The apple tree is groaning under it's burden, too... I did not get a picture of it. 

This little guy watched me go into the hospital to help my brother Pete at lunch today. 

And when I came out an hour and fifteen minutes later... he was almost in the same spot! 

Hopefully, Pete will be released from the hospital tomorrow. 

I have destroyed my phone this weekend... don't ask... and am awaiting the delivery of a new one.  All those pictures lost.  

Our area is predicted to have cooler temperatures this week... I'm hoping the construction guys get in here and get the work done at this house so I can concentrate on the old one for a while! 

Oh... one more picture... 

These were volunteer plants, remember... and I suspect they are Gypsy, from Baker Creek, which I planted last year.  The tomatoes are sweet and good, and I brought a bunch home for dinner tonight. 

The plant in the flower bed has lots of tomatoes on it... but none is ripe yet.  Our plant 
in the pot at home, has MANY nice sized tomatoes on it, but the four I have picked have had blossom end rot on them.  


  1. Geeze you have more produce than any of our dad's gardens ever grew!!
    stella rose

  2. Our tomatoes have been very slow. Just now getting a few. We were late getting them in cause of the weather.

    Our squash on the other hand. I have given tons of it away.

    It was so hot and humid here this past weekend. A cool front is moving down today and the temps will be better the rest of the week.

  3. It's to be cooler here too this week. I had my first fresh corn of the season this weekend and it was delicious. Hope your brother gets released from the hospital soon.

  4. Mary Ann,

    Please contact you phone service provider and see if they can transfer your pictures over to your new phone. When my 1 year grandson threw mine in the toilet last year T-Mobile was very helpful. Maybe this will work for you, too. Good luck.

  5. That tree rat better stay away from your garden and very cool ear
    Lily & Edward

  6. Well, you have one more stalk of corn than I have....**haha**!
    Hoping your brother is released from the hospital this week, and continues to do better.
    Best wishes for your Keith's health also.

    I might not be envious of that corn, but I am so envious of those tomatoes!! They look delish.

    Best of luck with the continued repairs on your new home, and getting the old one finished up.


  7. Hope Pete gets to leave tomorrow.

    You had more corn than Ken, we had several
    ears but either the birds or critters tore
    through the patch. Ooooo he was hopping mad!

    Good luck with repairs.

    M : )

  8. Strange how sometime ignored plants do better than taken care of plants.
    Our plants are doing awful!
    We keep Pete in our thoughts,,, and you without a cell phone-- we keep you in our thoughts too,.

  9. Goodness, thinks have not settled down for you. I do hope things get finished and Pete is better soon.


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