Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Flowers and a Barbecue

The daylillies are quickly going by in the garden at the old place, but how beautiful they have been! 

I am hoping to move a few over here, but after much discussion, 
Keith and I have decided to have a water garden company do the planning 
(and possible making of) the water garden here.  We want it to 
be right, and we want it to NOT be a threat to our house, or our 
neighbor's properties. 

Last night was the VERY FIRST time we had barbecued at this house. 
Keith was at a loss, he had to look everywhere for all his tools, and the barbecue here, 
for the time being, is on the side patio, a very long way from the kitchen.  We hope at 
some point next year for Keith to build a newer, bigger deck on the back, and 
at that point, we will make a pad for a barbecue somewhere near that, not on it,  for safety. 

We had a very interested audience, and yes, she got her hamburger! 

Nice surroundings. 

And later on, a peaceful evening. 

Tonight, I am going to see Paul McCartney... what I think will 
probably be his last tour.  It will be a huge splurge for me... I got the tickets 3 months ago... 
but a fun evening, for sure, and yes, I'm still a confirmed Beatlemaniac.  
I'll pay for my "day off", and paint for the next two days at the old house. 
We are back to very hot summer temps next week, according to the weather this morning. 

Review of the concert tomorrow, and I'll have some phone pictures taken from the balconey! 


  1. You deserve your trip to see Sir Paul! We know you'll enjoy it.
    Glad to see your BBQ supervisor got her hamburger ;-)

  2. We are so glad you got to have your wonderful barbeque!!!
    And mommy is thinking about how wonderful Paul- the beattle will be- cause she likes the Beattles too!

  3. After all your hard work you deserve a treat and that concert sounds like a wonderful one! Enjoy !

  4. have fun at the concert! i am a beatles fan too!!!

  5. That's going to be a spectacular concert.

    You'll love your water garden. Lilly Ann....oh beautiful, spoiled and sweet!

  6. Those lilies are beautiful. Mama has really gotten into gardening the last 3-4 years and has some pretty flowers, too! She doesn't have any like these but we told her we need some. Maybe she will put some in our pug garden that she is planning to start this fall ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  7. Lovely flowers.
    Hope you ennjoyed the concert! Looked
    very crowded from the news report.

    Are you going to the T-Bones game this Saturday?

    M :)

  8. Love the lilies! They are my favorite flowers. How lucky you are to see Paul McCartney. So jealous, even if he is way before my time, I grew up listening to my mom's 45's of the Beetles and my 13 year old loves them too.

  9. It would be amazing to see him live in concert! I can't believe you made it this long without a good old summer BBQ. I am not one to talk however.

  10. Those lilies are amazing! I'm so amazed at all the work you are doing on the old place. Glad you finally got to barbecue at the new house. Must feel more like home now.


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