Monday, July 7, 2014

98 Degrees

Yep, we're at 98 degrees outside today, so I thought it would be 
interesting to look back one year and see what was happening in 
the July heat of 2013. 

I was carrying frozen jugs of water to all the animals, every few hours. 

Folly and Fancy were coping up on top of the nest box... and I put a quart bottle up there for them. 

The beans were not doing so hot.  They got planted late last year, and I didn't get much of a yield from them. 

Here was the orange asclepias that disappeared over the winter... it was a beautiful plant.  The yellow, on it's left... survived. 

The birds in the old henyard were hunkered down in the cool shady dirt. 

Neighbor Troy was finishing cutting our pasture. 

These beautiful little guys were still alive... and so loved. 

And so was our Little Doll.... whose head popped down onto my foot whenever I sat for a minute.  

How we miss our lost pets. 

This evening, I'm going to the second-to-last tee ball game for little Jax.  Tomorrow morning, 
the contractor who will be putting our house back together again will be here at 9, to show me 
what they will be doing.  We hope they can get the work done this week. 
The big fans and humidifiers went out of here at noon today, to the home of a family 
who came home from a weekend trip to find their home flooded.  

It's so quiet!  Just like I like it! 

Severe thunderstorms possible tonight, so I'll take pictures!


  1. Sometimes it feels kinda sad to look back,, and sometimes it feels good. But you all have those good memories,, to help fill your heart,,,,, and soon you will be having new memories

  2. It's fun to look back at the pictures we've taken in the past to see what was going on. I do that often and think about how fast the time has gone by. Glad the remodel is going to take place soon for you . It must have been a relief for those fans to go.

  3. I do miss all of ours that have gone too Mary Ann.

    We went to the Tomato Festival 2 week ends ago. The Country Animal rescue was there. They tried their best to get me to adopt a dog. I held out. I still do not want an inside dog. And we still have 9 outside dogs (all in pens), which I kept explaining to the woman. Finally, told her that my dogs were going to outlive me and she left me alone.

  4. We agree with Twee, looking back is hard on the heart in lots of ways, it was hard on ours looking at the pictures of your little goats and of course sweet little abby. I remember when you had to carry all those frozen jugs back and forth all day cos of the heat, I am glad you don't haf to do that anymore.
    stella rose

  5. Aww.. that is hard to look back and see those that are no longer with you. My heart goes out to you.

    Do you miss it??? The packing water and ice to the critters??

    I am NOT missing our homestead, and all the exhausting work that came with it.
    It is nice to have my chores done in the morning, and enjoy the afternoons.

    Best of luck with your continued home repairs.

  6. Great photos! I got a little lump in my throat when I saw the boys.


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