Thursday, July 3, 2014

More Fun in the Garden

The trellis beds got their dirt fills this morning, and a heavy layer of straw.  The last bed, the one in the distance... got the Roundup.  The bristly greenbrier vines have got to die, once and for all... then I'll dig that bed out, fill it with good dirt, and bury it under the straw. 

That huge pile of weeds to the left of the beds... is going to be taken down to the brush heap in the pasture, with Keith's help... along with all the weeds from the flower beds.  

As I cut back the mint in the beds, I kept finding other flowers.  These daylilies were almost completely covered up. 

And this little guy was peaking out across from them, among the last of the lilies. 

I tried so hard to get pictures of the many, many bumblebees that were working alongside me. 
Alas, the camera did not pick them up. 

I also got in there and cut out the big trees you see in the background. 

I started trimming back the buddleias... the ones I thought were all dead... and lo and behold, here 
is a viable buddleia!  I did trim back a lot of the dead wood, and I attacked the 
really dead huge buddleia to its' right. 

I made a very big pile of dead branches and other big weeds on the patio, so we 
can load them easily into the back of the truck... and to be out of the way when Troy cuts the grass this weekend. 

My assistant kept an eye on me from under the maple tree, where it was very shady. 

Butterflies were everywhere, I wish I could have gotten them to hold still for a minute! 

My assistant was glad to get in the car and get the air conditioning on so we could go home and have lunch. 

I hope everyone is planning a safe and fun weekend... we are still listening to the 
sound of the big fans and the humidifiers, and likely to for another few days. 

We don't mind, though, because we know the house will go back together again in even better condition! 


  1. Wow you have been extremely busy!! Love all the hidden treasures that you have found amongst the weeds! Don't work to hard and keep hydrated.

  2. Every thing is looking very nice there and shows how much hard work you are doing. It doesn't take long at all for weeds to get in and try and take over. Same with the mint too. Hope you are able to enjoy some rest and relaxation this holiday weekend.

  3. Isn't it a lot of work to fight nature from taking over? You did a great job! Hope you had a relaxing 4th.

  4. You've accomplished so much! Very impressive.
    I once read that it takes 9 years to really establish a garden, and 9 months of neglect to un-do a garden.
    Must be true... I have a berm that was neglected here at the new house, and I still haven't gotten it under control.

    Hope the repairs are done soon on your house.


  5. It's all looking good Mary Ann.


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