Friday, July 11, 2014

A Hot Day at the Old Place

It's D minus 1... 

Tomorrow is The Day. 

Here was the kitchen when I walked in this afternoon. 

And the living room, looking into the bathroom, and down the hall to the bedrooms.  That 
stained carpet will come up last.  The pale green walls will be white by this time tomorrow night. 

This is what I worked on today.  The unfinished deck on the side of the house allowed this mess to grow up the last three years.  

I had to get IN there to cut them all out with the big cutters, and we are going to spray more killer on them. 

I managed to stay unhurt until the very last time, and then I raked my leg, good. 

An hour later.  Yes, I still have a little bit of vines to pull down from the corner. 

The deck will be finished... a rail put up.  The frame you see will come down, and new 

Here's a look from the gate, as I was going out.  
Keith had to rebuild the northwest corner of the house about 3 years ago, 
which is why it looks so crazy.  That frame will come down, and siding will be put on the sides and back of the house, and painted. 

We're getting closer!

There are no mice or snakes left in the old henhouse. 

Or in the new, where I did not take a picture. 

The henyard is like a green cathedral. 

And you can't even get around the duck house to get to the gate, for all the vegetation. 

I sat in my old beaten up plastic chair and in my mind, I could see the ducks, and all the chickens, large and small... the babies, the adults.... and yes, I did get teary-eyed.  I miss them. 
I also got eaten alive by mosquitos. 

The goat's climbing tree has become covered with vines. 

Mint is running amok in the garden... and I am going to have to attack it. Next week!

But I found these beautiful claret-colored daylilies blooming, and I am going to have to 
dig them up and bring them home with me. 

There were also yellows blooming, but the Stella D-Oros appear to be finished (they are out of sight in this picture). 

There are weeds growing EVERYWHERE, and yes, I got overwhelmed.  Next week is supposed to be very much cooler, and I can get some work done out there

This pear tree did not set any fruit this year.  These pears were small but very sweet last year. 

This one did... but not as many as last year.  I attribute this to the horrible winter, and the heavy freeze in March. 

But as I sat on the deck and took a break during my cutting .... I took a snap of the heavily laden apple tree. 

I had company. 

In the sky, and on the ground. 

I love how she lays with her legs crossed... Ranger did it, too. 

I leave you with a shot of Oscar's tree.  If you look just to the left, at the base of it... you will see some high grass.  That marks Oskie's grave, buried there seven years ago, now.  How Keith and I loved that little min pin, and how we hated losing him.  I have never cut the grass over his grave, and it grows back tall each year... and somehow, Troy knew not to cut it.  Maybe I told him, I don't remember. 
Our future tenants won't know about Oscar, or our other friends, buried in a circle around 
Beau's tree in the pasture... Hannah, Addie Mae the pugs, and Nickie and Gwen, the cats. 

Time moves on, and the land stays the same. 


  1. The love of the land is a precious gift. It will remain no matter where you travel.

    Happy Journey. The new chapter begins.

  2. Gosh, we cannot believe ALL that is going to get done tomorrow-- and a new deck too... and siding to the house?
    the land will always remain sacred,,,, forever and ever.

  3. As I read your post, I am thinking about the changes in life that happen to each of us. I am facing a new one as well, I was crying and sad this past week. Your post reminds me that, 1. we can't go back 2. have good memories of our experiences 3. new people and adventures await us and 4. most importantly, we can move on. Thanks and show us pictures of it all done.

  4. It's amazing how nature takes over and changes things so quickly. You all do have your work cut out for you there. Even though you've done so much already. Glad some cooler weather is coming your way to work in.

  5. I do hope your new tenants will keep the place up. I like the idea of it still being yours.

  6. Sometimes you have to believe things happen for a reason
    Lily & Edward

  7. Oh yes, we have weeds, weeds and more weeds too. Trying to get a handle on the yard part. Almost done with the main part. The hill....another story. I've been letting that grow wild.

    The mosquito's took us down when we went thru the woods yesterday.

    We have many of our lost ones too, I think about them every time I pass by.


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